New Ways To Make Money Online

Make money online 44444In this economy, everyone is just trying to make a few bucks. You can’t blame people, though. Everything is getting more and more expensive and money is harder to come by through traditional means. Unless one has a technical degree or an immediate job lined up, there’s going to be a period of slump.

There’s no shame in it. It’s for this reason, among many others, that people are switching their focus to the internet. The internet has a near infinite amount of avenues to make cash here and there. And while some are trying to figure out monetization schemes on their cat videos, there’s a lot more ways to earn yourself an extra $100 here and there by doing what you would have been doing all along. 

Here are some new ways that you can make money online without having to leave the house (or put on pants, for that matter).

Make Money Watching Videos

Have you ever found yourself sitting, scrolling through endless streams of video? First, you’re there, watching some Japanese chef make the perfect omelet, next thing you know you’re 20 videos in and you absolutely need to perfect that gg flip they do in their special pan. This is what we in the internet world call a rabbit hole. And if you’re smart, you can get paid to dive in. If you’ve ever heard of the service Inbox Dollars, then you’re familiar with how cool it is.

You sign up with their simple onboarding page, and instantly get paid $5. That’s 5 actual dollars. Not a gift certificate or company points. From there you get paid to watch videos and ads, all while accruing a certain amount of money for video. It’s not going to pay for your mortgage, but it will definitely pay for a nice meal out every once in a while. 

Online Administrative Work

If you have administrative skills, you can get paid to be someone’s personal assistant online. You don’t even have to have that much experience. Just be sure to know what you’re doing and be open to adapting. Small business owners all over the world are looking for ways to reload their extremely busy schedules by hiring online You can go through an agency or pitch yourself on websites like Fiverr and Upwork.

The fitter you are, the more likely you’ll get the job. Be sure to really see your own personal boundaries in terms of workflow and hours. Small business owners are notorious for squeezing out as much as they can from every interaction. Just be sure to clearly impose your job description and do not step beyond that. 

Sell Your Old Stuff 

You probably have a lot of stuff laying around. If you’re like the average American, you have cluttered drawers full of things that you know you’re not going to use anymore. Well, if you’re not going to use it, you might as well sell it! There are so many avenues for people to sell their old clothes and belongings for a few bucks here and there.

You might not want to part with your grandmother’s engagement ring, but that Lord of The Rings “Great Ring Of Power” gathering dust as a collectible? You can probably get close to what you paid for. If you sell most of your stuff, have a goal for the money. Have a reason outside and a goal. It’s more likely going to something significant and, therefore, ideologically worth the trade off. You can start a vacation fund or save up for a project! Your options are endless. 

Delivery Services 

Food delivery is making a killing these days. There are so many ways to make money delivering food. You can sign in and register your vehicle—that’s including a bicycle, and proceed to pick up orders for people. It’s a pretty decent online-based job. Unlike the other options on this list, you do have to put pants on. At the very least, shorts are necessary. But that’s about it! Have a valid ID, a working vehicle, some extra time, and you can start making deliveries in no time.

Many people are opting to do this over Uber or other rideshare simply because there’s less interaction. You don’t have to risk drunk people throwing up in your vehicle. You don’t have to be around creepy people asking very strange questions. You just pick up food and drop it off to the correct address. 

Become A Pet Sitter 

Do you like pets? Then there’s an app for you! Rover is an app that lets you babysit animals for a fee. If your neighbor is going away to Bali for a week, and can’t bring Fido with them, just let them find you on this app and they can be on their way. This, of course, has a few requirements. There’s an interview process or sorts and you must have adequate space.

If they find out that you’re not providing the absolute best care for these animals, you could get dropped from the roster. So if you decide to become an online-based dog sitter, be sure you’ve got a lot of time, space, and patience for these lovable critters.

make money online 34334344Psoriasis Research 

If you have psoriasis, that’s no fun. For those that aren’t familiar with it, it’s an autoimmune-mediated skin disorder in which the immune cells in the skin initiate a reaction that cascades into proliferating scales. But if you do have it, there is a global research company called M3 Global Research that’s recruiting people with various disorders such as Psoriasis, to complete online surveys.

Each survey takes between 20 to 30 minutes and pays out between $10-$100. Yes, that’s a pretty big range. But imagine getting lucky and being paid $300 for an hour of your time spent clicking. That’s not a bad deal. 

There are so many strange and fun ways you can make money on the internet. You’re not just limited to the old ways of scoring some cash. All you need is a quick search and some spare time and you could be making the equivalent to a great steak dinner every week, at the bare minimum. All you need is a bit of creativity and some focus.