How to make money online or at home

It’s a dream for many of us to be able to bring money home without having to leave it in the first place.

In the past there were not that many home-based money-making opportunities available.

That is not the case any more. Thousands of people are now finding unique and lucrative ways to make money without leaving their front door – giving them more security by creating another stream of income.

There are several reasons why we might have an interest in using our own homes to make a living.

Mothers who are committed to raising their kids, individuals who cannot find a full-time employment out there, or people with medical conditions that make it either impossible or extremely difficult to find a 9-5 job, are just some examples.

Commuting time is dead time: Not having to sit in traffic twice a day, or stare at the glum faces of other commuters on buses and trains are also strong incentives.

Home-based work is more productive: Employees working from home tend to get more work done than their peers in the office, mainly because of the fewer distractions, researchers from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) reported in a study.

The possibilities of home-based work are limitless; you can start a business, work for someone else, or simply use your home as an office.

This article provides information on some of the best ways to make money online or at home.

Homeworking versus commuting

Studies have shown homeworkers are more productive.

Freelance Writing

The internet has revolutionized freelance writing. In the past freelancers would sometimes have to wait months before receiving responses from magazine or newspaper editors.

Waiting for freelance work is now a thing of the past. With the internet boom (of websites looking for content), there is huge demand for people to write and have their stuff published online. As long as you have adequate writing skills and knowledge in certain fields, you can become a freelance writer, and the choice of themes is virtually endless.

The 2012 Freelance Industry Report found that people enjoy freelance work because of its scheduling freedom, flexibility, and ability to follow or pursue personal passions.

The first step in becoming a freelance writer is to study successful blogs, and then write a few articles to use as samples. You should do this for every field you have set your sights on.

One of the drawbacks is competition. Freelance writers are competing against highly-skilled individuals worldwide; some of them living in countries with good education systems, excellent literacy, and much lower wages.


If you are an expert in something and have the space and tools to teach what you know to someone else, then teaching from home could be an option for you.

Online teaching
The number of people teaching online is more than doubling each year.

Selling knowledge can be one of the easiest ways of making money from home.

All you need is to make sure that people know you are out there, which can be achieved through advertising, word of mouth recommendations, posting fliers in supermarkets, schools, churches, and visiting neighbors to tell them about your business.

Examples include, teaching:

  • a musical instrument,
  • foreign languages,
  • dog training,
  • dancing,
  • giving classes on academic subjects (such as chemistry, physics, or calculus),
  • helping people improve their presentations techniques, etc.

Depending on where you live and what you teach, you can charge anywhere between $10 to $50 per hour. Teaching, say for 3 hours on a daily basis, could bring in an extra $210 to $700 each week.

Fiverr is an online marketplace that offers tasks and services, referred to as ‘gigs’, beginning at a cost of $5 per job performed – hence its name.

You can use Fiverr to offer a range of different services, from recording a video, singing a certain song, translating text into another language, or posting flyers in convenient locations.

Fiverr lists more than three million services, ranging between $5 and $500. It has an iOS app in the Apple App Store and an Android app in the Google Play store.

Although this is not a stable way of earning money from home, it is useful if you need to generate some quick cash.

Give Advice

If you are in expert in your field, there are many people out there who might pay to ask you questions and receive your answers.

The website JustAnswer ( is a paid question-and-answer site where millions of people in over 145 countries come to the site for affordable and timely insight in more than 150 categories, ranging from Medical to Legal.

Affiliate Your Website

If you run a website (of any kind), you can add affiliate links and make money every time somebody clicks on one of these links from your page.

The most popular programs that allow publishers at all levels of web traffic to place contextual ads in their website include eBay, Google, LinkShare, Clickbank and Amazon. Once you’ve included some ads in, the next step is to try and generate more traffic.

This can be difficult to achieve, however, if you properly build a website with original and useful content you should see your traffic increase (and along with it earnings from affiliate linking). You should research search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to boost your site’s appearance on search engines.

Garage Sale

Do you have valuable items that you no longer use? A perfect way of generating some quick cash is to sell them through a garage sale.

A successful garage sale depends on excellent presentation. Your goods should be laid out attractively, so that potential purchases open their wallets.

For example, instead of stacking them inside an old cardboard box, clean the area where you’re going to expose your products, add a colorful poster to attract attention, and make sure that each item is visible with a clear and easy-to-understand description.

Garage sale

In a garage sale, make sure your products are nicely laid out and that people have room to walk about.

If you do not have that much to sell, talk to friends and neighbors and see if you can organize a joint garage sale.

Rent A Bedroom

Do you have a spare bedroom in your house that no-one uses? These days, it is not only students looking for rooms to rent; with house prices rising, the number of new tenants appearing on the market is rising rapidly.

If you are not sure how to let people know you have a room to let, try posting your details online at, where you can rent your spare room at any price. The site is active in more than 34,000 cities and 190 countries across the world.

Sell Arts and Crafts

Do you enjoy making arts and crafts? Another way of making money is by selling them online. Through the website you can make your crafts visible to almost everyone in the world.

If you really want to stand out it’s highly recommended to focus on creating personalized and custom products – creating an emotional connection.

Review Products

Are you an avid or reviewer? Did you know that there are other websites out there that will actually pay you for reviewing certain products, according to the quality of your reviews and knowledge in certain fields.

You can potentially earn up to $50 per review depending on your skills and what you are reviewing. The following sites will pay you to review products:

  •, and

Sell Photos

There are literally hundreds of stock photo websites out there that give you a chance to upload your pictures for people to buy. Even if you are not an expert in photography, you can still try uploading some on a daily basis – you never know, some people might like them.

Everyday events photos

Photos showing people doing everyday things are popular.

Did you know that the most sought after pictures are “everyday images” or “common action” daily life pics. Examples include photos of stop signs, road traffic, food and drink, and other ‘typical’ everyday items.

Complete Surveys Online

Generating a side income from completing surveys online is still profitable. There are many websites that will reward you for completing a survey (such as

Being a survey-respondent will not make you millions, but might bring in a nice sum each month if you spend ten minutes a day answering questions.

The key here is consistency, discipline, and patience as there are only a finite number of surveys that you can complete on a daily basis, and very often the websites that pay you to complete surveys have a minimum withdrawal threshold.

Flip Domain Names

Consider domain names the equivalent of internet real estate. There are plenty of people who make a decent living simply buying and selling them.

But, how do you flip a domain name? Google Adwords is a popular way of identifying keyword trends currently being used. Use that data to buy a domain name that appears likely to be in demand soon.

For example, if you find out there will be an upcoming device called “nextgenwatch101”, then you could buy the domain name “” for a cheap price. As soon as the next generation watch is launched onto the market (or just before), you may be offered a good price for that domain name.

Another method of flipping is through buying domains that could stand for random acronyms in the future. Everyday industry giants create new acronyms. If you manage to snatch the domain first, you might be able to sell it for a much higher price later on.

Flipping, in this context, means buying for a low price and selling for a higher price. The ‘flipper’ does this rapidly.


Every business benefits from more customers and many of them have devised a clever way of enticing current customers to help them do that – by rewarding them for every referral. How does a referral work? Quite simply, you get paid for every person you bring to the business.

To get started, do a Google search for businesses with referral programs.

Millionaire Traders
The best-selling book ‘Millionaire Traders’ says anybody can learn to be as good as those in Wall Street.

Once you’ve decided what business you’re going to go with, begin by branching out to people who you have on your personal and social networks. If you find that your network is small then join forums and groups to meet new people, and eventually refer them too.

(Foreign Exchange) Forex Trading

If you are willing to take some risk then you have the option of trading currencies. What Forex traders essentially do is place a bet that the value of one currency will increase relative to another.

This can be a very effective way of making money. However, you have to understand the risk involved, have the skills to mitigate the risk, and have enough financial capital to get started.

There is also the option of receiving Forex trade alerts, or Forex Signals. These are trade strategies provided by either experienced traders or market analysts, often charged at a premium fee, that can then be copied or replicated by a trader to their own account.

There are websites, such as and, that allow you to copy another trader who has consistently performed well. This is an option for people with little to no Forex experience.

Many people have managed to earn an upper-middle class income by foreign trading at home – a sizable number have become millionaires!

Video – Yahoo sparks work-at-home debate

When Marissa Mayer took over as CEO of Yahoo, she did away with home working and made all her employees come to the office for 100% of their work week. The new company policy sparked a debate across the United States.

Richard Branson, the British entrepreneur head of the Virgin empire disagreed, saying that people have to be allowed to work where they are most productive, which is not the same place for all people.

Ironically, since she has taken over, rivals Google and Facebook, which allow home-based working, have thrived, while Yahoo has struggled with dwindling advertising revenue and plunging market share. i.e. Yahoo is failing.

The ABC video below discusses the issue.

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