5 Ways to Make Plain Walls Aesthetically Pleasing

Sometimes plain and simple is best when it comes to walls. Just a bit of basic color or plain white can make a room look clean and crisp. The problem? They can also sometimes look a little bare and boring. This is the main problem with plain walls, and it can be quite the bummer for the owner of the walls who wants their home to look a little more interesting.

Of course, there are plenty of ways that you can dress up your plain walls to make them look even more fabulous. You can put a rolex wall clock on the wall to give the walls some extra class, or you can hang up a painting. If you’re stuck for inspiration on how to make your plain walls aesthetically pleasing, you need not worry. Here are a couple of hints and tips to help you to make them look amazing! 

1. Use Mirrors

Mirror Mirror on the wall…

The evil queen in Snow White was right to be fascinated with her mirror, though not for the sake of vanity. You can make your walls the fairest of them all by adding a little bit of the power of reflections to them. One huge benefit of mirrors that is often overlooked is that they are fantastic at making a smaller space look a lot bigger. They can also reflect more light into the room, making them feel much more airy. In addition to that, there’s a mirror for every kind of decor. You can use vintage mirrors, modern mirrors, and some even come in fun shapes. You could make a mirror span an entire wall if you want to. The opportunities are endless. Plus, it’ll allow you to check yourself out with ease when you’re on your way out of the door for a hot date and a Sunday brunch! 

Oh and one more thing – put them in the right place! An ill-positioned wall mirror doesn’t always work. For instance, who wants to look at themselves on the toilet?

2. Use Unique Wall Decor

Wall decor is your best friend when you’re making plain walls more interesting. Perhaps a rolex wall clock would work perfectly for your wall, or some 3D artwork. You could maybe hang some of your grandma’s old plates on the wall for more of a vintage feel. You can even use decals. Ultimately, the possibilities are endless – it’s up to you to find them! 

Use Large Pieces of Artwork

Artwork is a great idea for your plain wall! Look for some artwork that complements the kind of room aesthetic that you want. It will catch people’s attention and will add atmosphere to your room. If you want to then you can even use a gallery wall, using numerous pieces of art. For plain walls, why not try a bold print for the wall? Using art that contrasts with the color of the walls can also be helpful for creating some intrigue. 

3. Put Up Some Shelving

Who doesn’t like a practical way to make a wall look more interesting? Adding some shelving to your wall can be useful not only for holding things, but also for making the wall look more intriguing. You can add things like plants and ornaments to the shelf to draw attention to it. You can add shelving to the corner of a wall or in the center. You can also play around with different wood colors or materials to see what will look the best on your particular wall. There are a lot of different options out there, so it’s worthwhile to look on a site like Pinterest for some inspiration. 

4. Create Balance With Center Pieces

If you have plain walls, why not create a little bit of balance and get some more colorful furniture? For instance, you could get a patterned, colorful couch. You could get some colorful bookshelves, or simply add some patterned accent pieces such as cushions, curtains, and more to the room. This way, the walls will look minimal and clean while all of the eyes are drawn to your furniture instead. Adding statement pieces can be a great way to make your room look more interesting when your walls are pretty plain in terms of color.


So that’s how you make your walls look more interesting! Ultimately, it’s up to you – don’t be afraid to get creative! Plain walls can really make a statement when they’re used correctly, after all. 

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