5 Surefire Ways To Make Sure Your Company Is Protected

Make sure your company is protected 111There’s a sociopolitical climate all around the world that threatens the safety of people in the workplace. It’s always been a good idea to keep individuals protected, but now more than ever, we must take precautions. Whether it’s from an active shooter, a fire, an earthquake, or a cyber attack, there are plenty of ways one’s assets can tank in one swoop of a moment. 

Here are 5 ways you can make absolutely sure that your company, and the people that make up your company, safe.

Visitor management 

You have to know who comes in and out of the office. That’s an absolute imperative. There are too many office buildings that let just anybody in without so much as a sign in sheet. That puts too much trust of the entire population to be stable and functioning. As we’ve seen in recent times, that’s a gamble too many have paid the price for.

In terms of what setup one can have, visitor management with Inventry Ltd has the best overall protection. But really, it’s about having the forethought to implement a plan. It’s as simple as having a complete and accessible log to the people who come in and out. That’s all.

VPN and cyber protection

Cyber crimes and hacking is a huge problem for business, especially in the financial sector. Small loans and bail bonds come under an inordinate amount of fire from veiled and remote attackers trying to syphon some cash. The best way to protect yourself against this kind of crime is a good ol’ VPN. It’s cheap, it’s effective, and it offers the kind of protection a business needs to conduct transactions with some peace of mind.

Basic life support 

Every department should have someone with a BLS certification. If you’re not familiar with the term, it means Basic Life Support, and there should be multiple certified individuals. This means that if anybody has any sort of dire medical emergency while on the job, an individual has the knowledge and technical skills to keep the person alive until professional help comes. This is an inexpensive certification that can shield you and your business from all sorts of strange mishaps, as well as potentially saves lives.

Make sure your company is protected 1131Fire extinguisher 

Fire extinguishers are underrated. People kind of ignore them. Sometimes they’re used and not recharged. It’s a travesty that fire safety is seen as a two-bit training module just because it happens infrequently. If a fire breaks out, everyone is at risk. So make sure those extinguishers are charged. Also, when spraying someone down, don’t shoot at the base like they tell you.

Fire travels up, and the structures up top (like the head and the heart) are way more important than the feet. Start from the face and make your way down. 

Exit plan

In any disaster, there’s nothing quite as effective as an adequate exit plan. It’s the cornerstone of all building safety. More people die from panic than anything else. Smoke inhalation, going back to get phones, stumbling and stampeding—all are dangerous. Regularly drill and drive in the notion of calmly exiting to the ground floor. That’s all you have to do. 

With the right plan, you can protect your company and your assets from anything. It just takes a bit of foresight and some good tools. The rest is up to you. Stay safe out there.


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