Make the Most of Social Media in Asia by Using LINE Ads

The social media platform of LINE has enjoyed phenomenal growth across Asia ever since its launch back in 2011. With the addition of LINE Ads, the platform now serves as another tool you can use to increase your brand’s exposure, drive web traffic to your site, and drive sales.

LINE now enjoys well over 600 million subscribers to its combination of text messaging, VOIP calls, image, video and audio sharing, and video conferencing. It’s earning a well-deserved reputation as a sort of a ‘Swiss Army knife’ of social media functionality.  

LINE Ads add yet another facet to this functionality. For companies that like to cover all the bases within their multi-pronged social media advertising approach, LINE Ads has become a must-have. 

LINE Ads Offers Various Controlling Factors

LINE currently offers three formats of ads, Web ads, video ads, and app ads. These formats vary in effectiveness, depending on your target audience, so it’s best to look closely at what each of them provides to make the right decision. 

The platform also offers three ways to target ads. You can target ads by region, age group, gender, and interests. By using the three formats and the four targeting criteria creatively, you can reach your target audience effectively. The platform is still in the early day of development. At the moment, it doesn’t offer any type of data or information advertisers can make use of in determining the best format or method of targeting. 

The absence of this information is why you should work with a digital marketing agency when using the platform. An experienced digital marketing agency based in Asia will have all the relevant data you need to both decide on the format of the ads you place, and to target your audience effectively. 

By working with a digital marketing agency and using the same data analysis they use across all your social media platforms, your ad strategy will be coordinated and cohesive. You’ll reach more of the users you’re targeting on other platforms and increase your traffic exponentially. 

Popularity Varies by Country

While the LINE app is growing in popularity, it’s more popular in some than others. This is something you should factor into your marketing strategy as the wider your advertising scope, the more you pay for the ads. LINE is a Japanese company, so it is most popular in Japan. It’s also widely used in Thailand. Indonesia is third, Taiwan is fourth, and India and Spain are fifth on the number of subscribers to LINE. 

The newness of LINE on the social media front means that you can’t assume it has the same reach as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Although LINE is currently making a marketing push into multiple countries, they haven’t reached the same saturation level as other platforms. 

Still, LINE Ads represents another new channel you can utilise in a multi-pronged approach to social media advertising as long as you are aware of the differences in reach.

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