Five ways to make workplace safe

workplace safe image 11211n1Getting a new job as a supervisor or a manager in a company is undoubtedly an overwhelming feeling, but with a higher power comes greater responsibilities.

A manager indeed has to make a lot of important decisions, but must also make sure that his employees remain safe in the office premises. Companies that involve work with heavy types of machinery must make sure that their employees meet the standards of health and safety.

Making employees feel safe

A manager must ensure that his employees are not only safe but also feel that they are an essential asset of the company. Satisfying employees should be the primary focus when one becomes a manager or supervisor. Finding ways to make your workers feel safe and happy should be a priority.

Employees must feel heard, and sometimes their opinions are critical. Large, well-known companies value every employee because that makes them motivated to work harder, not only for themselves but for the company.

One of the most significant differences between the working styles of the CEO of Microsoft, Bill Gates, and CEO of Apple was their leadership styles. Steve Jobs once used to have an autocratic style, which means that he was the only leader and never used to hear opinions from his employees. On the other hand, Bill Gates had a democratic style, which means that he believed in taking inputs from his employees or workers. Though both of them are successful, Bill Gates’s style gets brownie points.

Studies have shown that even taking indirect methods to make the workplace safer has drastically improved the work rate quality. It means that showing employees that their managers’ care for them can have a positive impact on them, which can result in productivity and make them feel safe. Not only just one study but a lot of reviews have concluded their researches with the same result.

There are various ways to make a workplace feel safe, but these five fundamental tips will work in all workplaces.

Workplace safe image 49938983j9Analyzing

A workplace with heavy machinery is usually too large, yet there are tiny details that need observations for compliance.

However, analyzing and doing complete homework to make the workplace safer will yield better results. It can provide in several ways. It starts with gathering suggestions from workers, is one of the ways that will help uncover all the areas that need improvement.

Listening to them will help you reach a decision, and one will also know what the employees expect from the company. Installing go pro cams, walkie talkies for communication and safety gear to protect them from any incident can make employees feel confident.


No person in this world does not get happy when rewarded. Promoting safety culture and then appreciating them for following rules. It will not only make them happy, but they will be following safety rules strictly. Ask them to wear personal protective equipment whenever handling machines and appreciate them when they do. The material, such as gloves, helmets, and goggles, are lifesavers.

Welder image 49399291Rules

Rules are necessary when working anywhere, and they need to comply with making things work smoothly. A comprehensive set of rules can help create discipline among the workers. Imposing a set of conditions that involves wearing all the safety, not overburdening while lifting heavy weights as one mistake can be fatal too. These rules should be known to all employees, to make sure that they understand the science behind every practice.


Making a workplace friendly helps to improve the morale of the employees. When employees achieve the required target, managers should give them incentives. These rewards include bonuses, vacations, and an increment in salaries. They may also include recognition, employees of the month, appreciation, and even a day off. These incentives motivate an employee to work better.

Enough rest

Countries like Japan know how to motivate their employees well. Apart from the food break, they have added sleep breaks in their workplace policy. A study has shown that it has made the work rate better and even more precise. Getting rest avoids the lapse of judgment. It can be useful in an office.

Managers should never be arrogant or rude to their employees because employees look up to them. An employee can come and talk to them without any hesitation. They should create a friendly environment. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO – Facebook, does not have any separate office. He sits with all of his employees, and they all work together. His office has facilities to entertain its employees. Because he, too, believes that constant work can reduce productivity.


These tried and tested ways most managers around the globe apply to make their workplace safe and friendly. In the past, there was a high power distance between a boss and his employee, but the results show that these tactics only made employees feel unsafe and insecure.

Remember, when an employee comes for a job, he/she is also providing you their services by working day and night. So they all deserve to feel important, and it is their right to be safe when in office premises. Today there are many companies where the employees’ turnover is very high because the supervisors do not want to understand their problems.

Problems range in workplaces from harassment and biased treatment to unfair practices. Workplace bullies can also be a problem for some people. Today the world has changed. Rules have changed. A manager must address such issues and take safety measures that these things should never happen.

These ways will not only help achieve the company’s target but will also increase your goodwill in the market along with a good reputation.


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