5 Ways to Make Your Business Popular on YouTube

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YouTube is a social media network powered by video that has been a powerful way for individuals to watch video digitally since its inception in 2005. The website, owned by Google, which acquired YouTube at the end of 2016, is now responsible for 11% of all global video traffic, second only to Netflix. YouTube now has more than 1 billion subscribers, with more than half of the videos originating from mobile devices.

YouTube’s popularity means that marketers now have a chance to develop and groom their brand by engaging content that can build followers. YouTube provides consumers with their own platforms they can use to build their content plan and implement it. Or you can use third-party services to promote your brand on YouTube. You don’t need to waste a lot of time and effort trying to figure out the complicated settings when you use the prodvigate.com service. You can launch a promotion in just a few minutes.

Another way business will use YouTube is to market video material that, in addition to their own, streams on other platforms. There are many sites to buy YouTube subscribers, but there are other tricks you can use to achieve the same.

Here are some ways to do this:

Optimize Your YouTube Channel

Things you can do include:

  • Choosing a persuasive profile shot- You want a clean and quickly visible one,
  • Channel art upload- The header picture is at the top of your channel home page. Add to the artwork the channel schedule and characters.
  • Pick a trailer for a channel- The trailer that autoplays anytime someone enters your channel is the elevator pitch of your channel which may be the best way of winning or losing a subscriber. Aim for a video of 1 to 2 minutes that shows individuals what your channel is about and makes the content of the trailer enjoyable and interesting.
  • Create playlists- You will feature playlists of your best work on the home page and each playlist can appear in a separate section, with up to 10 sections.
  • Add the featured channels- On the right side of your channel home screen, featured channels appear. The featured channels list would build a connection between your channel and these featured channels in people’s minds and in the algorithm when you add friends’ channels and/or other channels that you love.
  • Create an about page- Your About Page is available on the home page of your YouTube channel through a tab. Have a simple, compelling overview of your channel on your About page and emphasis on the first sentences.

Increase Viewership

Things you can do include:

  • Structure playlists to drive an experience of linear watching- It is a way to direct future audiences to a longer listening experience where they enjoy some of your best material to build playlists of your YouTube videos.
  • Choose titles and thumbnails that represent your content accurately- Your videos’ titles and thumbnails affect your video views and rankings. They act as the primary click catalyst for audiences, and offer preliminary input into the quality of a film. It will help you boost your watch time by selecting the proper combination of thumbnails and names.
  • Using YouTube Cards in your videos- You can use YouTube Cards in a variety of ways, but using them to connect to other videos on your YouTube channel that audiences would actually be involved in is the best strategy to keep viewers focused.

Advertise on YouTube

Remarketing and retargeting are another way to advertise on YouTube. When most people think of remarketing or retargeting, by purchasing a product, downloading a guide, or taking another desired action, they think about reaching someone who has been to their site but has not converted.

When you comment on YouTube to this audience, you run an ad for those users only, remind them of your offerings, and try to get them back. Maybe you’ll even give them a discount or coupon.

Matching your message with your market is the key to good marketing. At the correct time, you need to reach individuals with the right offer.

Using your Google Adwords account to advertise your YouTube videos so you can run better ads is one way to help push advertisement. Promoting videos with AdWords can help grow your YouTube channel when you know your audience and create videos that offer value to that audience. Although it doesn’t work to build a YouTube channel based purely on ads, AdWords campaigns can give your channel extra momentum and boost organic growth when videos offer quality content and ads target the right audience.

Generate Leads

Depending on how you utilise it, YouTube is a helpful lead generator. The platform has several tools to capture and collect leads, so you know who is watching your content, but who may also be interested in the products or services of your company.

YouTube cards, which can be added to videos, are one way to create a clickable CTA that invites viewers to respond. The cards continue to add extra graphic elements to entice more eyeballs, so they’re more relevant and fun with viewers. They can also appear in your video at any point and can include downloadable content and external links.

You can add to your videos five different types of YouTube cards:

  • Video or playlist to promote content of your own.
  • Redirect it to another channel on YouTube.
  • Donation to promote donations featuring a non-profit of your choice.
  • Poll to encourage viewers to take part in a question of multiple choice.
  • A link that redirects users, preferably your own, to an approved website.

Monetize the Channel

Some ways to do this are:

  • Reveal products with conversations- You will incorporate the item into the conversation about your daily life here. You’ll drop the brand into a conversation about a recent shopping trip if the sponsor is a clothing maker, or show viewers how you look and feel in their clothes.
  • Show off your products.
  • Mention the products in the pre roll or end roll segments.


To access videos, users don’t need an account, but an account is required in YouTube to upload and post videos. It needs a thorough comprehension of all its features to take advantage of everything YouTube gives businesses, how to maximise your specific site, how to groom fans, what it takes to advertise on other platforms, and what you need to do to monetize your channel and improve profitability.

In the above article we have mentioned all the ways you can increase your popularity on YouTube. Make sure you have a look!

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