Business Ideas: Making Money While Saving the Earth

Social entrepreneurship has recently become more and more popular, especially for the new and younger breed of entrepreneurs. More and more people are becoming aware of environmental issues and are working their way to create a positive impact to somehow address this issue. But, it still remains true that everybody needs to make a living, right? 

Here are some business ideas that will help you make money, while saving the earth.

Saving the Earth image 121n2Make honey stored in multifunctional mason jars

Honey doesn’t really expire, making the retail of honey and its byproducts profitable. However, the thought of starting a beehive may seem to be daunting, especially if you have really no experience with bees in general.

Nevertheless, starting your own beehive may not be as difficult as you think. With proper research, you’ll get to understand why people find this a very fulfilling business to go into. You just need the perfect timing, and this is usually in spring, when the bees are active again after hibernating for quite some time during the winter.

Apart from being able to harvest your own fresh honey, and making money out of it too, you will also help the natural pollination process. After all, too much flowers never harm anyone. Just keep in mind to make use of multifunctional containers such as mason jars, in order to eliminate the use of plastic wastes that add up to the earth’s garbage.

Regrow your vegetables

Did you know there are several vegetables you can grow and then regrow again? In an article published in First Tunnels, Elizabeth Waddington writes:

“You might be surprised to learn that food scraps can often be regrown to provide a second harvest. You can get a second flush of growth from certain scraps, and in some cases, get a potentially never-ending supply of food.”

Sell your own crops

If you are one of those gifted with a green thumb, you may start with just a few herbs, then expand with a few fruit-bearing crops. You may also start gardening as a hobby and grow crops for your own consumption. But when you already have an ample supply, you can definitely sell your crops. However, this may entail the need for you to process the necessary requirements before you can sell your crops.

You may even need to get certifications to guarantee your customers that your crops are organically grown or that you inhibit the use of harmful pesticides. Selling naturally grown and organic food crops will give you an advantage over other sellers in the market because more people are now considering organic food products over those conventionally grown.

Start refilling inks

With more and more businesses eliminating the need for printed documents and accepting digital copies, you may think that the ink business is no longer profitable. However, you may need to think again because there are still businesses and institutions that can’t yet fully let go of hard prints. Add to this other printing businesses such as posters and tarpaulins. Thereby, there will always be a client for an ink refilling station.

You may wonder how this will help the environment, but for one, those cartridges made of plastics can be reused instead of being thrown out. More often than not, these are not easily worn out, thereby, refilling it for a couple of years would be fine.

Become a supplier of sustainable construction materials

More and more people are becoming environmentally conscious, even the construction industry already devised means to help manage the increasing problem humans face with the environment. Thereby, construction materials made of sustainable materials such as recycled plastic are now making waves in the industry.

There are already several studies that show that recycled plastic can just be as durable compared to steel and concrete. If you are one with ample background in building and construction, then you can be successful in supplying sustainable construction materials such as those made from recycled plastics.

Be a caterer of organic dishes

If you love cooking, or you are already a restaurant owner, then perhaps probing into an all organic menu may spark your interest. Organic dishes have become a trend nowadays with more people preferring food made with free-range meat, or vegan and gluten free ingredients. This is because people now consider their health as one of their priorities, and a holistic living includes dishes made from organic materials.

Free range meat, as well as organically grown crops cause less pollution to the environment. In parallel to this, make sure that you eliminate the use of plastic as much as possible, as well as compost food waste.  

Put up a sustainable event-planning business

Being an event planner is already challenging, but oftentimes, the rewards are well worth it. You can level this up by being an environmental event planner, who considers the use of anything sustainable in planning the events to help the environment.

For instance, if you are planning for a big conference, make sure to have a sufficient number of coffee mugs or reusable glass cups for the participants, to eliminate the need for disposable cups that will add up to the pile of trash collected after the conference. In the same manner, as an event planner, you will have the power to suggest eco-friendly event venues not only for meetings and gatherings, but also for weddings, reunions, or other big occasions. Not only will this help the environment, but you will surely gain a positive reputation being an advocate for change through event planning.

Start a green-housekeeping service

Household cleaning may prove to be challenging, especially for working parents. It is in these instances wherein a household keeping service will prove to be an advantage. But in order to help the environment through your business, you can opt to use natural and eco-friendly cleaning products.

Your clients will surely be pleased because they won’t have to bear the smell of chemically-based household cleaning materials. This is because most all-natural cleaning materials don’t have a distinct smell, but these do wonders to the household in terms of sanitation and cleaning, much like all other chemically-based household cleaning materials do too. This will most likely gain you positive reviews from your clients.

Saving the Earth image 212 m 33There are several means in which you can make money while being environmentally conscious. The simple act of refusing to make use of plastic materials will already go a long way. Aside from this, consider some of the ideas above, particularly if you are still in the phase of seeking a new business venture.


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