Making your medical practice more eco-friendly

Medical practice eco-friendly image 4344444Going green has never been more important than now, with the majority of companies advertising the general public to recycle and changing their products to be more sustainable. If you’re recently just out of medical school and your plan is to start your practice by opening a doctor’s office or go straight into to hospital practice and performing surgery depending on the focus of your medical training. With so many websites that help with medical school like Medify and Medic portal which give you practice tests and additional information to help you pass.

What is not mentioned a lot is being eco-friendly when starting your practice on patients if you have a doctor’s office and ways you can be more sustainable – so, here’s a list on the things you can do to make your office eco-friendlier.

I. Lighting

Although it may not seem like a huge deal, especially as we live in cities that use fluorescent light more frequently in the 21st century, but to do your part and like so many other people by switching your lighting to LEDs. Not only do they last for a considerable amount of time but they also provide a much less strain on your patient’s eyes.

II. Limiting single-use items

Single use items in surgical practices are difficult to come by as for sanitary reasons. the item has to be disposed of for example; needles, the doctors or surgeon’s examination gloves and the papers covers. Obviously, those cannot be reused but what you can apply in your doctor’s office is reusable cups or paper cups like in the break room and having metal cutlery instead of plastic as multiple companies are trying to reduce the amount of plastic used. Look into recycle points in your office to reduce the waste for your stuff and patients.

III. Appealing to more patients

The biggest part of becoming more eco-friendlier is spreading the word of your doing – especially in a place like a doctor’s office where you will have countless number of patients each year. The government loves seeing companies being eco-friendlier, mostly medical establishments as that can help reach a unique type of clientele which range from young and old.

IV. Sustainable Materials

The same with using single-use items – but having recyclable attachable items. It’s fine limiting the use of the less eco-friendly options but making sure they’re recyclable. Although it isn’t much of a material but cutting back on utility bill can not only help you in the long run but can save the environment and help the impact of renewable energy. So, that’s like switching off lights after you leave the office, having motion detected lighting and support technology advances as the majority of the time they’re more eco-friendly.