Managing Diabetes in The Smart Era is Becoming Simpler

There are more than 38 million people in the USA with diabetes. This is huge! The same crazy numbers are replicated almost everywhere in the world. 

The world over, the diabetes cases rise daily. But the smart era is here with us and managing it should be easy. If you are diabetic, you can enjoy life as well as any other person. 

The key factor to living with diabetes is to manage it properly. But just what do you manage? 

  • Control the blood sugar levels
  • Keep the cholesterol levels low
  • Regulate the blood pressure. 

Today, everything about managing this condition has gone smart. Even testing for blood sugar levels with Pip Diabetes Lancets tools is not painful. 

Below, you will see more smart ways to manage this condition:

1. Use continuous glucose monitoring systems

To keep a check on your blood sugar levels, you need a smart, continuous glucose monitor. There are many, so choose one keenly.

These systems will not require you to prick your finger to test the blood sugar level. It is a non-invasive way for testing blood.  

When you sleep, your body systems don’t sleep. That’s why you need a continuous glucose monitoring system, because it never stops.  

The best systems come with a small sensor that is placed under your skin on the abdomen area. A small transmitter in the device sends data to your smartphone app. 

If the blood sugar level is too low or high, the cGCM alerts you so that you can arrest the situation before it escalates. 

2. Smartphone apps

There is a smartphone app for just about anything today. The Android and iPhone app ecosystem has apps that can help you manage diabetes.

From reminding you to check your glucose levels, the app should also store your data for future reference. But a good one also goes miles ahead by:

  • Sending you reminders to check your glucose level
  • Helps you to create a custom meal plan
  • Stores your data for future reference
  • Remind you to take medication
  • Keep data for blood sugar levels during the day

Use the app to log your data for meals, medication, and exercise. Enter all the data in relation to your medicine and meals. 

After doing any activity related to diabetes such as eating, drinking, working out, taking insulin, or taking medication, enter the information in the app. Set reminders for meals, insulin, blood sugar tests and other activities. 

3. Smart insulin pen and app

There are smart insulin pens from different brands, which you can use to deliver insulin. Like the continuous glucose monitor, the insulin pen too monitors the level of blood sugar. 

This pen senses the insulin levels in the blood. For instance, after enjoying a meal rich in carbohydrates, the insulin level rises. 

The pancreas will have to work harder to meet the higher demand for insulin. You could develop insulin resistance easily. 

The insulin pen that you get should come with an accompanying app. Check that the smart pen has Bluetooth capability to connect with your mobile easily. 

The pen and the app will give you the correct information. They will show you the insulin dosage, the elapsed time since the last injection, and others. 

4. Wearable insulin pump

Consider getting a digital insulin pump, among the other diabetic items that you need. This device is small, and wearable. Some are designed for wearing on the waist and some on the arm. 

A small microchip regulates when and how the pump delivers insulin into your body. Inside the pump, there is a small tank for holding the insulin. 

Because it is digitally controlled, the pump will never deliver the wrong quantity of insulin into your system. 

This pump is intelligent. After taking your meals, it increases the amount of insulin delivered to your system. If you are between meals, it keeps the insulin delivery to a basal rate. 

5. Meal planning apps

Before taking your meals, you must exercise due caution. Follow a balanced diet, but one with low carbohydrate content so it does not cause blood sugar spiking. 

If you are working, life gets pretty busy. Knowing what to cook all the time can be confusing. A digital meal planner can help you with this. 

Websites dedicated to helping diabetic people eat correctly carry a lot of helpful information. They contain all types of recipes, even for snacks. 

As much as you need to eat to keep your energy levels up, you must also eat cautiously. All it takes is a little more carbohydrates and your sugar spikes right up. And sets many other things in motion! 


When you are trying to do life and you are a diabetic, things can get a bit hectic. There is medication to take, special meals to prepare, blood sugar testing, and many more. 

All of these are crucial to help you enjoy life as normally as possible. Luckily, to help with this, there are many smart ways. 

Today, there are smart ways, apps and technology to manage many conditions, one of them being diabetes. 

Life is hard enough when you are diabetic. Use technology to make it a little easier. 

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