10 Ways To Market Your Business On A Small Budget

Marketing your business 121227Marketing is one of the most important limbs of any organization. If you have a fantastic product, but people do not know about it, then your business is sure to hit the downward trajectory. Marketing is not just about making noise about your brand, but doing it the right way. You want to reach your exact audience and on a budget.

The biggest myth of marketing is that it is an expensive domain to invest. But the truth is that if you play your cards right, you can get superior publicity at almost no cost. There are tried and tested hacks available that can give your business new eyeballs at the expense of a coffee. It boils down to being relevant, trendy, and consistent.

For example, your brands should be having more than half your content online in the form of videos. Today, the online market has a demand for video content. With low attention spans and fast internet connections – videos are the way forward. You can even produce high-quality content at no cost using a free photo slideshow maker. Online tools will help you paint an identity online.

If you are a small business, then do not worry about a marketing budget. These are jargons that are thrown around to confuse you. Here are a few ideas that you can explore for positive growth. All of these are ideas that can work wonders for small business marketing.

1. Email Marketing

This process might seem like a trick of the past, but email marketing is still effective today. The one platform that everyone has access to at home and at work is the email. People often spend hours scrolling through their mails. Anything exciting is sure to grab their attention. Use creative templates and well-written subject-lines to attract users to your brand. Do not spam people with ads, but instead give value-add information to bring audiences.

2. Provide Resources

Everyone loves free stuff, and this does not need to be physical goodies. Stick to the niche of your company and hand-out free online resources. For example, if you are a travel company, give free travel-plans. Such support will drive people to your website and will eventually convert them into a consumer. Free resources such as these are easy to make and cost nothing.

3. Contests

Keeping up with the trend of ‘giving’ and hold a contest. Make sure the contest is evident with your branding. Online contests are a great way to get shares for your brand as audiences like winning and sharing their work with friends to get to the top. Make sure the reward is compelling and propels people towards your service or product. Keep in mind that this contest should be in a domain relevant to your field. If you are a sports apparel brand, do not hold a singing contest.

4. Encourage Reference

If word of mouth is the best form of marketing, then why not nudge your users to talk about your company? Offer discounts to existing users who share or talk about your brand. Using coupon codes or reference IDs, you can track how much the user is sharing about you. Create sales packages that allow discounts for larger group sizes.

Marketing your business 7779995. Digital Brochure

The days of a salesman handing you a paper brochure might be in the past, but the concept of a brochure is a tried and tested marketing trick. Move this simple trick to the online world. Use free online tools to make animated infographics that make the information on the pages more attractive. Distribute these on relevant channels and groups on the internet.

6. Be Instagram Savy

Instagram is the only social media platform you need to rely on today. With its highly visual interface, people spend hours scrolling on this application. When your brand has a strong presence on Instagram, it is sure to grab more eyeballs. Use creative pieces of content that people can share. Design your posts in a way that encourages people to tag other users.

7. Show and Don’t Tell

One of the biggest mistakes people make in digital marketing is sharing large written content. In this age of low attention spans, social media users do not want to read large paragraphs. Find ways to creatively express your stories, rather than writing long text-heavy posts. Using platforms like InVideo, you can make small clips in a few minutes at no cost.

8. Approach for Cross-Promotions

If there is a brand you know that is ready to collaborate with you on a marketing idea, this will double your user-base and human resources. Find companies that blend well with your brand and approach them for collaborative projects. Unlike an influencer campaign, the costs of marketing will be split between the two companies. For example, if you are an online food delivery service, collaborate with a local restaurant.

9. Link to a Cause

Find a cause that is close to your brand’s ideology and show concern towards it. Supporting a cause reflects a sense of social responsibility. This action will encourage users to follow your brand over others. By helping a cause, you make a difference in the lives of those in need and also paint a positive image of your company.

10. Promote Through Insight

The internet is a goldmine of information. Gone are the days when we would refer to books for details. When people are in doubt, they go online for a solution. By writing helpful blogs, or making videos around the problems in your domain, you can spread brand awareness through education. When people search the internet for solutions, they will stumble upon your page, and this will indirectly lead to engagements.

In Conclusion

When we explore marketing, it is about quality over quantity. The idea is not to put your foot into all the avenues; it is about picking a few good routes and then following them till the end. With each of the ideas we discussed, plan a roadmap of its execution. Set a time-based deadline or a goal-based deadline. Once you know what works, keep them for your brand.


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