The Rise and Market Growth of Organic Mattresses

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Over the years, the global market of the mattress industry is gaining a lot of popularity. More and more people are becoming interested in purchasing quality made mattresses, mostly depending on their preference. Because of the never-ending streams of innovation in the industry, organic mattresses were introduced to the public. This new invention attracted more potential customers due to its earth-friendly components.

It is then perceived that organic mattresses will rise and reach a spike in the market. But what is the possible reason behind this? What are the factors that ultimately increase the market value of organic mattresses?

Listed in this article are the reasons for the positive surge of organic mattresses. Find out why these mattresses had been high on demand as of late.

Mattress Industry Growth Over the Years

Even before, the global market of the mattress industry was showing great potential, changing, and developing from year to year. What began from the innerspring and foam mattresses, soon evolved to manufacturers using different materials. Now they have created a mattress that can deliver both comfort and preference.

In 2017, innerspring and memory foam mattresses were combined with latex, air, water, and hybrid mattresses. This resulted in a projection of market growth value not less than $37 billion. By the end of 2027, a growth projection in the global mattress industry will reach a surge of up to US$ 68 billion.

Positive acceptance of a revolutionary trend

Growth projection is an analysis value in the global mattress industry. Since the innovation on mattresses will probably never end, the projection might happen in the future. One of its contributing factors is the positive acceptance of many consumers on the revolutionary trend of eco-friendly mattresses.

The primary purpose of the Organic mattress is to develop and improve a persons’ sleep quality and offer other health benefits. Aside from that, it focuses on using eco-friendly materials rather than harmful chemicals and synthetic products commonly found in regular mattresses.

With this conscious health marketing vision, many customers are interested in purchasing organic mattresses, showing concern for their health and the state of the Earth.

Harmful products found in the regular mattress can be one of the reasons why you do not have good sleep quality. It can also be the cause of other health issues you’re experiencing. These chemicals include:

  • Formaldehyde
  • Synthetic fibers
  • Prohibited phthalates
  • Petrochemicals (flame-retardants)

Other Reasons Behind the Market Growth

The market growth relies not only on how customers positively accept the trend of organic mattresses and its health benefits. There are also other reasons as well why organic mattresses are gaining popularity. Here are some of them:

Sales generated through e-Commerce Marketing

It’s undeniable that e-Commerce marketing has a lot to do with the increasing growth of organic mattresses’ sales. Many companies tied up their marketing strategy to different e-Commerce platforms, even reaching out to social media platforms. This marketing technique amazingly made a lot of sales compared to an in-person sale.

Some start-up mattress companies enjoyed a big leap on their sales when they tied up with an e-Commerce platform giant, like Amazon.

Undoubtedly, more customers are now highly reliant on making their purchase using their mobile phones. Not to mention, customers have more time browsing different models, sizes, and prices in an instant without the hassle of visiting a showroom and looking for the item.

Moreover, comparing items and products from one company to another can be done conveniently. Online shopping allows consumers to save effort and time from the hassle of window shopping. These reasons pushed many companies to jump into an easier method of reaching out to potential customers and be flexible with their marketing strategy.

Increasing eco-friendly customers

The continuous campaign on saving the Earth and becoming more environmentally-friendly did not go for naught. The movement resulted in a more conscious and aware consumer when it comes to their purchases. Data shows that 72% of consumers are now considering purchasing environment-friendly products much more than they did before.

A recent Accenture survey shows that 89% of the respondents look first on the quality of the product. On the other hand, 84% are concerned with the price value, while 37% of them consider the environmental impact of the product before actually making the purchase.

This shows that consumers have a growing awareness of their purchases. They are now willing to read the labels, see the contents, check the materials being used, and see if the things they purchase are environment-friendly.


The market growth of the organic mattress in the mattress industry is not surprising at all. This is an expected by-product of many consumers willing to pay extra to improve their health and lifestyle. To some, it is their simple way of aiding in saving the environment. However, other factors, such as marketing strategies done in a modern way, came into play, attracting more potential customers.

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