How to Market Your Podcast to Gain New Listeners

While you might be already to start your new podcast and have all the tools you need in order to do so, marketing it can be a whole other problem you’ll have to confront. In fact, one of the things you’ll be doing the most when you release your new podcast will be sharing it with others through social media and press.

How to Market Your Podcast to Gain New Listeners
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Coming up with your marketing strategy can be one of the most difficult parts of running a podcast, but it can also be what ends up landing you your podcast monetization.

Edit your podcast

One of the easiest ways to get listeners to check out your podcast is by making it sound professional. While it might be tempting to put it out as is, without editing, it sounds unpolished and can be skipped over for other shows.

While you don’t need to know every technical aspect like compressing audio in Audacity, you should know how to edit out filler words and long pauses, and consider an intro and an outro to make things sound consistent.

Get on social

Social media can be one of the fastest ways to promote and grow your podcast, and you should have some channels available before you even begin releasing episodes. You’ll want to do some research into which social media platforms your audience is more likely to be on so you can spend your time and efforts reaching people who will actually listen to your show. Some of these might include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or even LinkedIn.

Send out a press release

Once you have a few episodes recorded, edited, and distributed, you might want to go ahead and send out a press release to a number of media sources. Try to focus on those which are likely to be read by those who would be interested in listening to your podcast instead of just a large news source.

You want to make sure to reach the right people looking for the advice, education, or inspiration that you can provide. Of course, you’ll want to make sure that you share these media mentions on social media channels when they are released!

Share each episode

Once you have gotten the hang of posting new episodes consistently, then you will want to make sure that you share each and everyone with your following. Even if you don’t have a large audience yet, showing that you are interested in promoting your podcast can end up benefitting you in the long run.

The more you share your new episodes, the more likely they are to catch on. This is where having guests on your show can also be helpful—they will be more likely to share the episodes where they are featured with their audiences too. If you have a website dedicated to a podcast, you can post interviews with your guests there. Additionally, you may want to consider adding transcripts. Interview transcripts are extremely helpful, as they help people find your podcast more easily if their search query matches your episode’s topic. It also improves the accessibility of your episodes.

In summary

Recording, editing, and have a strategy for your podcast is all important. However, if you don’t know how to get the word out about it by marketing it properly, it’s likely you won’t get the results you want. With these tips, you’ll increase the likelihood of gaining a new audience and getting that listenership you crave.

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