Top 3 Market Share Franchises in India

Closing a franchise agreement is very simple in specific terms, although one needs to put in a lot of thought when selecting a franchiser and determining whether a franchise is really profitable, since a lot of parameters neet to be accounted for. Stock market franchises, for example, pose a challenge when we try to compare them.

After taking some significant parameters into account, here is our research-based and driven analysis of the top three profitable market share franchises.

Top 3 market share franchises in IndiaWhat is a Market Share Franchise?

Most sub-divisions of stockbrokers are created with a motive to get in touch with a huge client base and provide a more personalized service experience. By way of franchise, stockbrokers allow small businesses take up operational procedures under the same trademark, thus carrying their business further.

Stockbrokers are responsible for the clients they manage to build up over time. The more their clients trade with them the higher the returns for the brokerage. The franchiser generally provides all the necessities to the franchisee alongside the right to deals regarding its products.

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Top 3 market share franchises in India

After gathering and analyzing data from several franchisers, we managed to produce a shortlist of the three best stockbrokers. These top three firms offer, in our opinion, the best deals in the franchise marketplace today, which in turn increase your chances of becoming successful.

1. Angel Broking Franchise

This stockbroking firm has a separate department which deals with the franchising side of the business. It is one of the leading broking franchises in India, with more than ten thousand sub-brokers.

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2. Sharekhan Franchise

This firm, which is also well-known in India, is growing rapidly. It currently has more than 3,500 sub-brokers nationally.

Sharekhan’s franchise program provides comprehensive support for its sub-brokers so that they can expand their business in a sustainable way. Many novice stockbrokers have become successful and prosperous operators. If support is a priority, you should consider joining this company’s franchise program.

3. Motilal Oswal Franchise

This firm offers a unique and elite partner program. Although it is not among the largest firms in the marketplace, it owns some very high-yielding sub-brokers who operate with a high volume of trades. You have the option of becoming an Elite Partner (Sub-Broker), Remisier, Channel Partner, or part of its Employee to Entrepreneur Program.

Apart from these three, there are a few more brokers that are well known and have a good reputation. Some of them include Zerodha Franchise, Kotak Securities, SMC Franchise, and Nirmal Bang Franchise.

Why are they the best Broking Franchises?

After researching and carrying out a critical analysis, we managed to come up with the most compelling reasons why these three firms are the best. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons:

  1. Given these firms’ professionalism and experience, whoever is considering becoming a franchisee knows that he or she is more likely to be part of a successful operation. Your risk of failure will be considerably lower.
  2. All three companies have a franchise division, into which they invest considerably to make sure that their franchisees have the best chance of success. For any novice, knowing that there is professional backup is a huge comfort and confidence booster.
  3. The sub-brokers receive a major part of all revenues in these three firms’ business models. Compared to virtually all other franchisers, their terms are definitely the most generous as far as sub-brokers are concerned.
  4. The products, offers, and services the franchisee will be entitled to are vast and diverse, which makes it possible for them to accumulate a huge customer base. As is the case in every business, the larger your customer base the more successful you are likely to become.


Hopefully, after reading this article, you are now in a better position to choose the right franchiser for your requirements. Take your time and check each one out thoroughly. Good luck!

A franchise is an arrangement in which the owner of the business, i.e., the franchiser, gives the franchisee the right to operate using its brand, logos, materials, and operating systems. There are two possible spellings for the franchise owner: 1. Franchiser. 2. Franchisor.


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