6 Successful Strategies to Market Your Roofing Business

Roofing business - how to market it image 4344It goes without saying, that the roof is among the most important parts of a building’s structure. It protects dwellers and keeps them safe from the elements as well as the burglars. Nonetheless, it is also prone to certain damages as a result of various factors, including the weather. This, along with many other factors, makes roofing services a profitable business in different parts of the globe. However, roofing is also a highly competitive space, especially if you’re just starting out, whether you’re offering roofing installation, inspection, repair, or roof maintenance services.

To stay ahead of your competition, you need a solid marketing approach as a roofing contractor. But how exactly can you hack this? Here are 6 successful strategies you might want to borrow when it comes to marketing your roofing business.  

1. Have A Website and Invest in SEO

In today’s world, most consumers are tech-savvy. Instead of going around asking friends, colleagues, and strangers for ideas and crucial information, they’ll simply use their smartphones or laptops to Google their way out. A homeowner who needs roof repair will simply conduct a Google search with the words “roof repair in Perth (or their specific location)” and go ahead from there.

Well, this is known as organic search and if you’ve invested well in SEO, such consumers are more likely to find you. According to the pros at Fremantle Roofing Services at https://roofrepairquote.com.au/roof-restoration/, many homeowners are out looking for a total roof restoration service. They want to prolong the lifespan of their roofs while avoiding disruption and minimizing the costs involved.

Most importantly, they need to enhance the appearance of their roofs, which is often the center of attraction for most homes. This means that to be successful in marketing your roofing business, you’ll need to ensure that the right keywords about roof repair and restoration are included in your SEO campaign and used in your marketing content on your website, social media profiles, local directories, and other platforms.

2. Utilize Social Media

These days, social media is always your friend whenever it comes to promoting your business, its products or services. Think of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even professional platforms such as LinkedIn — these social sites have become a major point of interaction between companies and their customers or prospects. As long as you keep your customer service superb and keep your social media followers engaged, social media can be a great way to not only promote your brand but also build a strong reputation and gain customer loyalty. You can use social media to:

  • Describe your services
  • Regularly post product and service updates
  • Keep your prospects and customers engaged
  • Provide customer service
  • And much more!

Nonetheless, you’ll also want to stay watchful of any negative comments and views that may be posted by angry customers or even your competitors as these can potentially bring your business’s credibility down.

3. Use the Power of Photos

Photographic images and videos are inarguably some of the most effective tools in marketing. Especially before-after photos in the case of roof repair projects, they can be used as a tool to build trust with potential customers. You just need a good quality camera that will help capture the roof’s preexisting condition as well as its appearance after a repair so you can provide both of these posts on your website or social profile to showcase your work.

4. Use Lead Generation Tools

Apart from local SEO, social marketing, and content marketing, there are numerous other ways to generate leads for your roofing business. Some of these include the use of storm chasing apps, email subscriptions, PPC ads, canvassing, and using strategic alliances with providers of roofing-related products as well as building contractors. You can also get some from review sites, telemarketing, and tradeshows.

5. Enroll in Google My Business

Well, in addition to having a website that is search engine optimized, it makes a lot of sense to have a GMB listing as a roofing contractor. As a matter of fact, it benefits your SEO efforts in the local market and in addition to this, it makes it easier for clients to contact you and locate your physical business address since it’s linked to Google maps. Apart from contacts and location, it also provides more crucial information about your business, including working hours, services provided, and much more.

6. Ask for Reviews and Testimonials

Today’s consumers won’t just take your word for it. They trust businesses more if there are positive reviews and testimonials from previous consumers. Whenever you can, try soliciting positive feedback from clients you’ve served with satisfaction and this will work to your benefit.

The roofing industry is by far one of the most competitive in this age and day. To ensure your brand comes out on top of the rest, you need to be out of your comfort zone when it comes to marketing — be a bit aggressive! The above are just a few strategies you can use to successfully market your roofing venture.


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