Marketable Trades To Learn

The trade job needs to be seen as a wonderful option for people that enjoy hands-on, challenging work. This type of job requires either training or vocational schooling and often pays really well because of the specialized skills that are gain.

In order to help you choose something suitable for you and profitable, here are some marketable trades to learn. These are practically great career opportunities that you should consider when you look for a trade job and you consider your options.

Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

With an average salary of 25.18 dollars per hour, the licensed practical nurse works under registered nurses and doctors. They take notes and update patient charts in order. Then, when changes happen, they inform supervising nurses and doctors.

The duties of an LPN include administering medication, monitoring the vital signs of patients, dressing patients, and bathing them. She/he can work in various settings. This includes nursing homes, residential homes, clinics, and hospitals.


The national average in the US for a plumber salary is $24.58. You can view an example of what an experienced plumber can do at Basically, this is a trade job that everyone is aware of. Plumbers repair water supply lines, gas supply lines, install them, install appliances, and perform various other tasks that are very important for the modern home.

A plumber needs to use the appropriate solution to fix the problem that is identified and might need to be strong in order to carry and lift the tools and equipment used. Besides pipe-related tasks, the plumber can also estimate repair costs, test the pressure of the water inside a home, and clean obstructions that appear in drains and sinks.

HVAC Technicians

As an HVAC technician, you can expect to earn around $23.25 per hour. The main duty of the technician is to repair, maintain, and install ventilation, air-conditioning, refrigeration, and heating systems. These can all be a part of the job or the professional can specialize in a specific service. HVAC technicians will be able to find jobs dealing with small residential units or larger industrial units.

Besides what was mentioned, the HVAC technician can also perform routine maintenance, change old filters, upgrade equipment, and install heat pumps to reduce carbon emissions.

Home Inspector

The home inspector makes around $52,000 per year and the largest part of the job is, just as the name implies, to inspect the interior and exterior of a home. This can be a new home or one that was already built. The goal is usually to identify any hazards that might exist.

Home inspectors go through rigorous training in order to become familiar with plumbing, structural, electrical, and heating systems. Then, they learn about construction methods and many other things, with the main purpose of fully understanding all weaknesses and strengths of all home types.

A home inspector can easily assess and locate various problems, like leaking gas lines, foundation cracks, termites, rotten wood, roof structural issues, and garage issues. Although the job does require you to be physically fit, most of the work is not too demanding.

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