Marketing on the Super Bowl Event. How Effective is it?

Super Bowl is the most watched and biggest NFL championship event. Watching this American football for six hours straight could be boring. That’s why companies incorporate Super Bowl ads to make the whole session interesting. Marketing on the Super Bowl comes with a wide range of perks. In as much as there’s increased viewership, it’s known to create brand awareness. Let’s dive into the details of this coveted advertising slot.

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Watching the NFL championship is now bigger and better. Recognized brands are ready to spend a fortune to get an ads slot. Consequently, the event garners thousands of dollars, thanks to the ads. You’d not expect anything less with some ads costing even $5.6 million for 30 seconds.

In-game ads – a massive earner

In 2019, the Super Bowl ads generated $382 million in approximately 50 minutes from in-game ads. This amount isn’t all that much considering the exposure the brand receives. In the long run, the results would be felt with the sales hitting the roof.

But all this pales in comparison to the $6.8 billion that Vegas saw Americans wager on Super Bowl LIV. If you think that’s a lot, that is just legal Vegas odds. There is no telling how much in bets offshore sportsbooks had processed that year on the Super Bowl compared to regulated Vegas sports betting sites.

Rob Siltanen founder and CEO of Siltanen & Partners believes “the Super Bowl to be one of the smartest investments a company can possibly make.” In fact, the Super Bowl makes more sense today than ever before. Because of the Super Bowl hype, you can be assured of a big viewership of the product.

After the game also counts

Super Bowl ads aren’t just effective during the game. Focusing on more engagement post the game also counts. According to Adaptly, the year 2017 attracted over 390 million Super Bowl-related interactions on Facebook and Instagram alone. Evidently, the NFL championship resulted in social engagements even after the game had unfolded.

You can view the Super Bowl ads before, during, and after the game. So, this is the only time to watch the ads without getting bored. The entertainment factor in it is what keeps the fans glued even during the commercial breaks. Viewers find the ads as interesting just as the game itself.

Isn’t it interesting that half time results include the champion of the NFL and brand winner? In a nutshell, the Super Bowl is the perfect opportunity to spot a great brand. On top of that, the event is a great form of entertainment for football fans.

Super Bowl marketing ideas

For Super Bowl ads to be effective there must be the latest marketing ideas. As the digital age is here with us, so is digital advertising. That brings us to these marketing ideas for the Super Bowl event;

Integrate social media. Earlier before the Super Bowl, some companies apply YouTube teasers. This is a great way to let viewers refer to their friends the ads in anticipation of the main event. There can also be Twitter engagements about the Super Bowl ads.

Focus on mobile engagement. With the rising need for smaller screens, mobile phones are becoming popular. Companies must optimize Super Bowl ads for mobile audiences for more exposure.

Consider the use of more women ads. Women make 45% of the league’s viewers. So, it doesn’t make sense to have male-centric ads. The Super Bowl event should ultimately put emphasis on women’s products in their ads.

What do Super Bowl ads Have in Common?

They leave an emotion

Whether it’s a sad, happy, or empathetic emotion, all Super Bowl ads leave behind a particular emotion.

Pop culture

For memorable moments, the use of pop literature and culture on Super Bowl ads do the trick.

You can relate to the ad’s main character. Super Bowl ads relate to common pain points. Therefore, you can easily relate to what the ads are all about.

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