Massachusetts Provides Newly Legalized Sports Betting

After years of discussion and rulemaking, sports betting is currently legal in Massachusetts. The launch of the three casinos, Encore Boston Harbor, Plainridge Park Casino, and MGM Springfield, is the most significant shift to the Massachusetts gambling landscape since the 2011 law allowing the building of casinos. Massachusetts legislators estimate that sports betting will generate $60 million in annual taxable revenue and up to $80 million in initial licensing fees, which will be renewed every five years.

Wagering on Live Events and Other Unusual Occasions

Special events featuring local athletes such as Ray Bourque, Rob Ninkovich, and Johnny Damon are being held to celebrate the legalization of sports betting in Massachusetts. The Gambling Commission has previously evaluated the capabilities of each sportsbook to receive wagers, although mobile sports betting is still in development. Regulators chose launch dates to coincide with prominent sporting events such as March Madness, but the reach of sports betting in Massachusetts extends far beyond American football and basketball. Baseball, hockey, golf, and soccer are among the most popular sports for which the Gambling Commission authorizes wagers and tournaments. Australian Rules football, volleyball, floorball, handball, bowling, lacrosse, pool, rodeo, yachting, and beach soccer are uncommon sports.

The legality of Gambling and Social Responsibility

In addition to the over 200 restrictions imposed by the Gambling Commission, each casino has its own set of regulations. Although gambling on college sports is permissible in Massachusetts, wagering on local institutions outside of major tournaments such as March Madness is typically prohibited. Credit cards cannot be used to place wagers, and individuals must be at least 21 years old to do so legally. The Gaming Commission maintains a Voluntary Self-Exclusion list for sports betting and casino gambling, on which individuals may request to be prohibited from sportsbooks and mobile betting apps for a specified time period or permanently.

A Protracted Struggle to Legalize

Massachusetts legislators have been debating the legalization of sports betting since 2018, but the Senate did not support the notion until April 2022. The state’s sports betting bill was signed into law on August 10 by then-governor Charlie Baker, after lawmakers addressed their differences during a long session the previous summer. Due to the wait, sports fans in Massachusetts have been driven to gamble illegally or in neighboring states such as New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. As a result of the recent legalization of sports betting in Massachusetts, sports fans now have more options for placing legal and ethical wagers.

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Be trustworthy and accountable

Responsible play is of the utmost importance while participating in any type of gaming. The Gambling Commission has adopted numerous safeguards to protect the general people when they engage in sports betting. For legal gambling, one must be at least 21 years old and cannot use a credit card. In addition, while betting on college sports is permissible in Massachusetts, it is generally frowned upon to wager on local school teams unless they are competing in a regional or national tournament. The Gambling Commission has also established a Voluntary Self-Exclusion list for sports betting and casino gaming, where individuals can request to be temporarily or permanently removed from sportsbooks and mobile betting apps.

A Brave New Endeavor

After years of deliberation and regulatory considerations, sports fans in Massachusetts can now legally and responsibly wager on their favorite teams, generating significant tax revenue for the state. After the 2011 statute allowing the creation of casinos, the most significant change in the Massachusetts gambling scene has been the introduction of sports betting at the state’s three casinos. You may now legally wager on a number of sporting events in Massachusetts, making now the best time ever to get involved.