Mastering Team Synergy: How Different Ranks Can Team Up In Valorant 2023

Understanding the complexity of rank play in Riot Games’ popular first-person shooter Valorant can be just as important as perfecting your shooting skills. I’ve been there, dealing with the complicated rules of the ranking system and climbing the ranks to the top.

Unraveling The Valorant Ranking System

Before we delve into the heart of the matter, let’s first acquaint ourselves with all the ranks in Valorant. The ranking system in this game is divided into three main stages – the first stage contains the lower ranks of Iron, Bronze, and Silver, each with three divisions (I, II, III). Then, you have the second stage, consisting of Gold, Platinum, and Diamond ranks, also each with three divisions.

The final stage is the host for the elite ranks – Immortal and Radiant. However, unlike the other ranks, Immortal has three divisions, while Radiant stands alone at the top. Now that we’ve grasped the structure, let’s face one of the most significant issues.

Who Can You Play With?

Riot, the developer of Valorant, has been quite specific about which ranks can team up. To maintain fair play, you can only queue with players who are within three ranks (not divisions) of you. For instance, if you’re in Gold 1, you can team up with anyone from Silver 1 to Platinum 3. This rule ensures a balanced matchmaking experience, where skill gaps aren’t too wide.

What are the Best Ranks to Play Together for Faster Climbing?

If your goal is to climb the ladder faster, I’ve found that playing with teammates one or two ranks higher can be advantageous. 

This way, you’re encouraged to perform better and learn from players who are slightly more skilled than you. However, in Valorant, cooperation surpasses individual skills. As a result, communication and synergy are your hidden weapons for climbing up the ranks.

The Benefits of Playing Together

Aside from pure excitement, playing together in Valorant has plenty of other advantages. You can communicate more effectively, synchronize your strategies, and creatively mix your agents’ skills. When you’re in sync with your squad, you can win more games.

In the countless hours I’ve spent playing this game, I’ve noticed that teams with pre-existing synergy tend to perform better. There’s no better feeling than executing a well-coordinated strategy that completely outwits the enemy.

To Duo or Not to Duo?

Now, the golden question, would you climb faster playing together with other players or going solo? Well, it’s not as simple as it might seem. Solo play can potentially offer quicker queue times and allow you to focus on individual performance. However, playing with friends provides an unmatched level of teamwork, communication, and control over your team’s strategies. So, in reality, your progress is determined by your playstyle, skills, and ability to collaborate with your teammates.

How Can Help you Elevating Your Game

Now, if you’re looking to climb faster, an interesting tool to consider is This platform allows you to queue up with players that can help elevate your game and accelerate your climb up the ranks.

Using a tool like has its unique advantages. It provides a more controlled environment where you can ensure that you’re playing with individuals who are serious about the game and are committed to helping others progress. It’s been a great tool in my own journey, and it could be a game-changer for you as well.

The Dynamics of Duo, Trio, and Full Queue

Playing as a duo or trio provides a decent balance of communication and flexibility, but it can still be a mixed bag, as you will be matched with random players. When you have a full queue, you’re in control. You know your teammates, their playstyles, strengths, and weaknesses, and can strategize accordingly.

Playing with a full team also reduces the chances of encountering toxicity, making the game more enjoyable. In my experience, full queue games are where some of the best moments in Valorant happen.

Wrapping it Up

Playing Valorant requires not only displaying your skill but also knowing the game’s structure, especially the ranking system. Whether you’re a single climber who enjoys the rush of the climb.

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