How Mattress Brands Are Helping You Save

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I know it sounds weird to say that companies are looking out for your wallet, but it’s true. Many brands nowadays play the savings card, because it’s one of the most compelling arguments for many buyers. So, to win you over, they would rather shed some off the top of their profit margin.

Of course, in the end, no one is losing money.  You, as the customer, get to enjoy a great product and the satisfaction of a fantastic deal. On the other hand, the brand gets a new happy customer and possibly an advocate for their products (if you share your acquisition information with family or friends).

While most brands seem to be extremely generous around holidays, the mattress industry seems to care about your wallet all year long. It’s normal to have doubts about this affirmation but let me prove it by showing several ways these brands reduced their prices in general.

Online Mattress Stores

With the rise of new mattress brands, we witnessed the birth of a new concept: mattresses sold online. It started with names like Casper and Purple and it spread like wildfire once the first online companies registered incredibly rapid success.

According to, which focuses on chiropractic mattress reviews, the secret to their success was good marketing and reduced prices. These companies completely cut out the middlemen (salespeople and showrooms) which led to a decrease in the final asking price. As a result, both the companies and the clients can be considered winners.

Better Designs

Modern companies invest in research and development to create more efficient designs. Furthermore, they use scientific studies to determine the ideal sleeping conditions.

As a result, they have the information and technology to create better designs, with more rewarding materials that help people sleep better and live happier lives. So, by purchasing a mattress that takes care of your health through an improved sleeping experience, you will save money on medical bills and pills.

You also save money due to the fact that you get a good night’s sleep. Studies show that rested people work more efficiently and have an increased level of productivity.

I bet you never thought about it from this point of view, right?

Using Promotions

Of course, mattress brands also help you save money using the good old coupon marketing strategy. Whenever a brand is looking to increase sells or attract more new customers, they create an ad campaign.

For instance, to get a discount for Novosbed, you’d need a discount coupon. This can either be found on their site or on the sites of their affiliates. Once you have the coupon (which is a series of numbers and letters), you can use it in during the checkout process.

Through Incentives

This is something most brands do, but the ones in the mattress industry seem to have the strategy all figured out. For instance, when you buy a new mattress, you may receive one, a combination, or all of the following:

  • Free delivery
  • Free mattress installation in a room of your choice
  • 100+ nights of trial at home
  • Free returns (if you’re not happy)
  • Money back guarantee
  • Free customizations (with limitations)

All these are incentives designed to attract more customers to their side. Of course, if the price is one of the factors that matter in your look for the ideal mattress, this strategy works out amazing for you as well.

Wrap Up

The good news is that with all these discounts and price slashing, the products we get now are better than the ones our parents had. Today’s mattresses can help you sleep better, be healthier and happier, and don’t weight as much!

Overall the industry is evolving, and most producers understood that the key to success doesn’t stay in high prices. It stays in working with the customer and offering the best possible price for the delivered quality. So, if you find an online mattress you love but the price seems too low, don’t worry – that’s how it’s supposed to be!