How to Maximise Your ROI With Effective eCommerce Marketing

The internet has enabled one of the greatest transformations to ever happen to businesses: the commencement of online sale of products. eCommerce is a game-changer for every type of seller, as it reduces cost while simultaneously expanding reach. It also conveniences the customer to get everything they want right at their doorstep, all with a few simple clicks/touches.

Ecommerce is growing worldwide rapidly, with 1.92 Billion people using it in 2019, generating US$3.5 Trillion globally. Tapping into such a lucrative but intensely competitive market can be hard, especially for cash-strapped startups. Working with professionals like the UPQODE eCommerce marketing agency can help maximize the ROI with effective eCommerce marketing solutions.

Amplifying eCommerce Marketing

Businesses can no longer depend on traditional marketing efforts as their sole savior. Digital marketing is now the primary means of reaching out to prospective customers, especially for the online-dependent eCommerce sector. Agencies can help you get the best of both worlds with a bevy of approaches for effective marketing. You can also find plenty of resources online if you chose to go the DIY route. Some guides, such as the ones offered by Massimo Chieruzzi can give you a starting point

Target Market Identification

You first have to know who you’re selling to get the best ROI. If your business is for baby products, then the marketing team must focus on expecting and new mothers. If it’s car enthusiasts, the content must be tailored appropriately.

The demographics, market trends of your target market, and purchase habits will dictate your marketing strategy and planning. Such focused marketing will have a good cost-to-conversion ratio.

Intuitive and Easy User Interface

It might escape your sight in the grand scheme of things, but your very website/app can act as an effective marketing tool. Its design and layout, theme, color, segmentation, presentation, performance, content, and many such aspects work together to build an impression in your customer’s minds about your site.

The bonus comes with a wide range of product choices and costs. They should combine to form an effective interface that is easy to navigate and operate. This user experience will have a positive effect on the customer, increasing reuse, and word-of-mouth marketing.

Effective Email Marketing

Email might be the dinosaur of internet-based communication technologies, but it still serves as a very effective marketing platform. Effectively constructed email marketing content and campaigns can significantly boost eCommerce revenue. The average open rate is still at 17.8% as per this 2019 report. Hence, there are good chances of customers wanting to get into your site via the email marketing link.

Common methods include banner ads, backlinks to most-searched-for or buy products, announcements of sales and offers, AV content, etc. The best thing is that this strategy can be used effectively if you work with experts like UPQODE eCommerce marketing agency.

SEO and Social Media Marketing

Today, the core of digital marketing, like Search Engine Optimization, and Social Media Marketing, allow any eCommerce site to get noticed and thrive. No matter how good your site is and its range of products, etc., if it is not search engine optimized to appear at the top or close-by when a person searches for relevant products, it won’t survive.

Social media is where the market is, with over half of the world using it in 2020. These sites also offer free or paid space for any ad you might want to use. You should also have pages/accounts which allow you to interact with past, present, and future customers while running your digital marketing campaigns.

They offer vital to-and-fro direct communication, which builds customers’ trust in your brand, enabling you to gain more customers while retaining those already present.

PPC and In-App/Site Ads

Pay-per-click is a very effective tool to onboard customers. You have to pay the marketing agency a small fee each time someone clicks your site’s ad. This backlinking ad can be placed in the form of banners, text, and videos in other apps and sites, using their customer base as a means of increasing yours as well as increasing ROI.

Influencer Marketing

Influencers are people on the internet who have a large following due to particular activities on social media and other sites. Their fan base can be used to scout potential customers by paying them to advertise your site on their channel, page, account, blog, etc. You could offer incentives to them for advertising on their platform each time a customer buys from your site’s link/code present on their platform.

Miscellaneous ROI Measures

Traditional marketing should be pursued wherever applicable, as it’s still effective. Remarketing should be a priority as it keeps your business fresh in customers’ minds. Quality assessment will reduce return rates and save on shipping and other costs, further increasing ROI for that product.

It’s an ever-running race to grab more customers with the least cost for your eCommerce business. Work with an eCommerce marketing agency like UPQODE TO give you the boost you need to get ahead.

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