Maximize The Potential Of Your WordPress Blog With A Mobile App – A Guide

Let’s paint a scenario. You are running your own niche blog and getting a decent number of page hits every day. You have a good way to monetize the incoming traffic as well.

In short, you are in ‘blogging nirvana’. You have reached a level every upstart in blogging dreams of reaching. Even though you are not a tech wiz genius entrepreneur, you have managed to create a decent ecosystem of online engagement.

Does this mean the challenges end from this point on? Not quite.

The first problem you will face is saturation. You will reach a point where your website cannot grow traffic beyond a certain level. The other big challenge is dealing with the overall shift towards mobile apps.

Slowly in some fields and rapidly in others, mobile app usage is closing in on website traffic. Ecommerce has already seen a top-down transformation as mobile apps have become the primary medium of online sales, the numbers confirm as much.

Saturation in blog traffic coupled with a growing preference for mobile apps has the potential of becoming a major challenge for bloggers.

What is the solution?

Even successful bloggers are not exactly immune to the challenges discussed earlier. The only real solution for modern-day bloggers to counter the rise of mobile apps is starting one of their own.

As the proverbial phrase goes – if you can’t beat it, join it.

Starting a mobile app for your blog works on many fronts. You can reach your regular readers through a more direct channel. It is a fantastic way to grow your brand as well. The problem of saturation also becomes a non-issue as launching a mobile app enables you to reach a wider audience.

The main problem is creating a mobile app.

The challenges of app development

To start an app, bloggers must first learn how to make one. In other words, they need to start thinking about app development.

Unlike starting a WordPress blog, launching a new app is not easy and fast. It is a fairly complicated process. Bloggers who don’t know programming have to either hire an app developer or an agency to build an app.

If you are an enterprising blogger open to learning to code and creating your own app, be prepared to wait a year. Twelve months is the minimum period of time you need to learn enough programming and create a half-decent mobile app.

To summarize, app development is plagued by three main problems-

  • Time – Even seasoned developers generally take anywhere between 3-9 months to develop an app. You need to wait for a long time to get a WordPress app for your blog.
  • Complexity – The need for programming raises the complexity of app development. Setting up a WordPress blog is easy and simple. The same is not true for creating a mobile app.
  • Cost – Hiring developers or agencies to create an app is a very expensive prospect. It is generally unfeasible for a blogger to think of app development because of the exorbitant costs associated with it.

So app development is not exactly a cakewalk. Does this spell the end for your endeavor to maximize your blog potential with a mobile app?

Make apps with app builders

The main reason behind the complications of app development is coding. Coding prolongs the app building process while making it expensive and tedious.

Using a mobile app builder to make an app is a serious solution to the challenge of app development. App builders typically enable people to create mobile apps without writing a single line of code.

Five years back, businesses used to hesitate when it came to trusting no-code app building solutions. The scene has changed now. Tools like AppMySite have helped make development easy while not compromising on the performance and quality of the final app.

Let’s lookover the main problems of custom app development you can overcome with this solution-

  • Time – A free app builder can help you make an app in literally minutes. You can then spend time perfecting the app design and appearance. Your app however is ready to go whenever you are ready.
  • Complexity – The main advantage of using app building solutions is the elimination of coding. You don’t need to be a tech wizard to make an app for your WordPress blog.
  • Cost – You can make an app at a considerably lower cost with no-code app makers.

The points here highlight how every problem of app development is resolved with app builders.

How do they work?

App builders will generally use your WordPress blog as a base to create your app. Once you select an app-making solution, you will have to connect it to your WordPress blog. This is generally accomplished with the help of a WordPress plugin.

After the connection is complete, you will start seeing your blog content syncing automatically with your app. You can make a number of design changes to your app if you select a good app creator online. There are many options you can choose and it is vital that you choose the right one.

Promoting your app – Beyond development

The sections above show how you can create an app without dealing with the challenges of code-based development. This brings the problem of development to a close.

The next challenge is marketing your app to an audience. You have to promote your new app on multiple channels and platforms with a concrete marketing strategy.

Mobile app marketing differs from generic online promotion on multiple levels. Making people on social media to click on a blog link is one thing. Persuading the same people to download your app is another.

If you already run an active WordPress blog, you probably understand the basics of online marketing. This will help you identify the right channels to create a buzz around your app.

The best place to start is your own website. Try to convert some of your regular blog readers into active app users. You can then slowly claw into other channels of mobile app marketing such as social media, app stores, email, and more.

In conclusion

Your WordPress blog is by definition a collection of webpages. Starting a mobile app for your blog is a great way to grow beyond the website environment.

This piece discusses the many questions bloggers have about starting an app. You can start building your own app with no-code app making solutions. However, it is wise to remain mindful of all the challenges in the way.

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