Maximizing Your Online Presence: The Crucial Role of Web Analytics with Netpeak Agency

Let’s imagine that you are promoting a website and want to attract customers using several methods: targeted advertising, SEO, mailings, seeding content on social networks, etc. You are sure that your product is popular and in demand in the market. However, the advertising budget is running low, there are no sales, or the cost of attracting each client is too high.

Web analytics will help you collect, process, and analyze the data on your website properly to stand out from competitors and attract more customers.

Collaborating with a web analytics company will enable you to find out why users did not complete the target action (for example, buy, download, or watch a video) and also develop a strategy to solve these issues.

Why Do You Need Web Analytics?

Web analytics solves the following issues:

  • analyzes traffic quality;
  • finds technical and other malfunctions and shortcomings of the site;
  • helps evaluate the effectiveness of advertising channels;
  • allows reducing the cost of attracting a client;
  • enables you to identify common behavior patterns of site visitors and collect a user profile;
  • helps you find ways to increase conversion.

Due to high competition, both in the market and on the internet, even large companies that have proven themselves have to fight for their positions in the search rankings. In this case, analytics in Internet marketing help:

  • determine the payback of certain advertising channels;
  • find the most relevant advertising offers that can evoke a response from the audience;
  • identify effective ways to distribute content;
  • detect technical malfunctions of the resource, etc.

Web analytics might seem complex at first, but once you understand the principles, it can be an incredibly useful resource for improving the user experience of your website.

Web Analysis Methods

The following methods are distinguished:

  • Traffic analysis – exploring user activity on the site, the number of unique and repeat visits, and identifying possible reasons for the decline or increased activity in traffic.
  • Target audience analysis – these are geography, devices used, operating systems, interests, and demographic data.
  • Analysis of traffic sources – research on where users came to the site from, which acquisition channels were the most effective, what the cost of attracting one visitor was, which ads or keywords brought users to the site, and which pages they ended up on.
  • Usability analysis – studying maps of page scrolling and clicks, determining the most viewed pages, and determining user routes on the site.
  • Analysis of technical shortcomings – search for errors, low loading speed, duplicate pages, etc.
  • E-commerce data analysis – exploring the most popular products, number of transactions, user behavior on the site, sales cycle, calls, average bill, and income.

All these steps are crucial to achieving your goals and attracting new customers to your website.


Whatever your site or project, there is simply no option that cannot be improved. This applies when your website needs to be optimized and when everything looks good, but it can always get better. You won’t grow and develop if you choose a strategy where you don’t need to change anything.

Specialists from Netpeak Agency will help you find weaknesses in your project. Web analytics is not only the collection and analysis of data to optimize a resource but also the search for connections and decision-making based on objective data.