5 Ways for Medical Malpractice Law Firms to Save Time and Money

With the prevalence of medical malpractice lawsuits on the rise, the demand for proficient and competent legal representation in this area is also steadily increasing. As a result, many law firms that specialize in medical malpractice cases are inundated not only with existing client work but also prospective clients who are scheduled for consultations weeks in advance. In such a frantic work environment, it can be easy to lose track of efficiency and develop deficiencies in your policies and procedures that cause time and money to be wasted. To help you avoid that problem, here are five ways medical malpractice lawyers can start saving on expenditure and increasing profits.

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1. Utilize Document Retrieval Services

If you’ve been independently handling document retrieval tasks in-house, this could be taking up a significant amount of your firm’s man hours when added up over the course of a year. Instead, consider the benefits of utilizing the services of a medical document and record retrieval company like American Retrieval. This would be an ideal option for fast-growing firms that are handling a high volume of malpractice cases and record retrieval requests.

2. Be More Thorough During Consultations

You can often avoid costly mistakes and inefficiencies simply by being more attentive and inquisitive during initial client consultations. Your first meeting with the client should be conducted with the goal of developing a strategy for the case, so try to leave no stone unturned to avoid having to call the client later to ask more questions. A good rule of thumb for saving unnecessary secondary appointments or phone calls is: if you can handle it during the first appointment, do so.

3. Specialize in Specific Conditions and Case Types

If you’re currently taking any client who walks in the door in an effort to maximize case volume, that’s not necessarily a bad idea, but your firm would undoubtedly be more efficient – and could still be overloaded with work – if you choose to specialize in a specific kind of health condition or medication side effect. That way, you’ll have a relatively similar process for every case and you’ll gradually become a better and more experienced lawyer each day within that specific niche.

4. Stop Filing Unnecessary Pre-Trial Motions

Pre-trial motions are commonly seen as important preliminary steps that can lean the case in favor of your client and potentially promote greater compensation. However, you can often forego the filing procedure altogether and simply have a meeting with the opposing side. Many times, this approach can yield settlements that are just as satisfactory and you’re saving everyone involved time and money.

5. Downsize Your Team

Many medical malpractice firms have larger-than-necessary teams. Look for ways to train your most important employees and try to let go of anyone who is draining payroll and performing tasks that could be allocated elsewhere in the firm.

Many More Steps to Take

While the tips above will certainly get you going on the right track, there are still plenty of other steps you can take to operate in a more cost-effective manner. Thus, be sure to continue your money-and-time-saving effort by looking for ways to streamline and simplify overall workflow at your firm.