Meditation: One Thing to Start Doing Today to Keep Your Mind Healthy

With your full schedule every day, it’s hard to find time to keep your mental health in good condition. As soon as you wake up, you start stressing about the things you need to accomplish for the day, and the next thing you know, you’re already struggling to get by every day. You get completely clueless on how to do the tasks you’re supposed to be doing.

Little things like these can already create a negative impact on your mental stability and may cause you to lose motivation. It’s frustrating to keep experiencing these scenarios every single day.

Meditation - keep your mind healthy

Now, if you’re desperate (like most of us) for some kind of practice that you can apply to help you forget some things that harm your mental health, below are things you probably don’t know about meditation and how it can help maintain your mental health in pristine condition. Learn more about meditation and mindfulness as you browse through this article.

Effect of daily meditation on mental health

Daily meditation could bring about positive effects on your mental health. Various medical researches and studies have proven the beneficial impact meditation has on the brain. This is often referred to as neuroplasticity or the capacity of the brain to change connections and form newer ones as a response to newer information. The brain learns to adjust and adapt to additional learnings and experiences.

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With meditation, certain changes occur and if done regularly, these changes will be part of the brain’s routine. The amygdala or the part of the brain that handles the perception of the negativities you experience will soon decrease in size while the frontal lobe or the area in which most of your conscience works, will increase in size.

This only implies that the more you adopt meditation into your daily activities, you are less likely to worry and stress over every matter in life and inhibit positivity. Lastly, meditation can also be a healthy practice that you could spread to others to encourage them as well.

Relationship between mental resilience and meditation

Countless studies have been conducted to examine the relationship between mental resilience and meditation. The people who were examines were people from all walks of life to test the accuracy of practicing meditation.

Results showed that meditation was the reason behind the emotional stability and rational responses of people in situations where they get stressed immediately. They learned to control their emotions and would quickly think about the best response to an unfavorable situation they are in.

This is mainly due to the effect that meditation had which was the enlargement of the prefrontal cortex, making the individual mentally function in the best possible way. This effect also helps the person in clearing out messed-up thoughts and reorganize them in a manner that they could be understood and solved as soon as possible. In this approach, the individual could digest a situation better to come up with better solutions and alternatives.

Will it be taking effect only on a bad day?

Meditation does not only work on your bad days. If there’s perfect timing for meditation, then it is now. You don’t have to wait for something negative to happen in your life in order to act on it because you will place additional matters to stress about. We believe that it’s much more effective to change the unpleasant mindset you have engraved on your mind as a form of coping mechanism whenever you encounter problems.

Instead, you have to include meditation into your routine little by little. It doesn’t have to be strictly an hour or set on a fixed schedule as long as you can apply it. It’s all up to you what works best for you because it’s only you that can monitor the improvements you’ve made and assess what areas you have to work on. Regardless of how hectic your day can be, you can find time to rest for at least 10 minutes and practice meditation.

Never tried meditating? Here’s what you can do

Meditation is not always allotting an hour of your time in a quiet and peaceful place. There are different methods out there and discover what is effective for you. You can search through the Internet and experiment with the different styles and techniques that are doable for you. The one that works best is the one that you feel most comfortable while doing and the effect brings improvement or visible changes to how you usually function.

You don’t have to rush experimenting with various methods because meditation is not a game or a competition. It’s considered a form of self-healing which is why you have to work at your own pace. Building better mental and emotional stability will take time, so we advise you not to compare your progress with others because they also have their own pace.

The usual squatting on a yoga mat is not the only practice under meditation. It could either be reading a page of a book or humming to a single tone, it depends on what you prefer. But nothing ever beats discipline. You have to train yourself with discipline and determination so that the meditation will work and will bring positive effects on your brain’s performance. Improving oneself does come with your willingness to change ways and adopt necessary actions. We are for your improvement and we do hope that you can find the best method that you could rely on.

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