Innovative Promotional Methods To Boost Your Business

Innovative promotional ways to boost your business 498938948948

Creating awareness of new products, services and seasonal sales through an effective promotional strategy is really important for every business. There are so many different promotional tools and methods that are available to modern businesses that provide fantastic opportunities for getting their message out there.

Traditional promotional strategies are being left behind as businesses look to implement innovative technological solutions for their promotional purposes. In this article, we will explain 3 innovative promotional methods to boost your business.

  1. Digital Signage Promotion

Digital signage has totally transformed the way in-house promotion campaigns work. In the past, retail stores and other businesses only had the option to use traditional paper posters and advertising material to promote new products and services and to launch sales and new retail seasons.

This material is expensive to produce and needs to be delivered to each individual store or business location which then needs to be decorated. This is very expensive and time-consuming as well as being bad for the environment. With the introduction of digital signage, businesses can now simply change what is being shown on their screens.

Instead of having to get hundreds of paper posters made up advertising a Christmas Sale made and delivered to their stores, businesses can up advertising a Christmas Sale, they can now advertise it on their digital signs.

There are various digital signage companies offering exciting products and we found this website which offers cloud-based digital signage accounts to businesses. This is really exciting as it allows businesses to design their campaigns online incorporating multimedia promotional material which can then be instantly shown on every digital sign in all of their stores at the same time. This synchronizes every business location and allows businesses to switch from one campaign to the next in an instant and also to run flash sales for one particular item at the click of a button.

  1. SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is ideal for every local and international businesses who are looking for an effective way to promote products or services, provide purchase incentives and increase customer loyalty and retention. SMS marketing has consistently been shown to increase customer redemption rates by as much as ten times when compared to traditional marketing methods. Since virtually all cell phone users carry their phone at all times, a promotional text message sent to their cell phone is the perfect way to alert people to important information in real-time.

There are many benefits of SMS marketing which can significantly boost business. First of all, text messages are received immediately and 94% of text messages are read by the recipients. This is significantly higher than the open rate of any other form of messaging like email or traditional paper mail. Secondly, as receiving promotional SMS texts is legally an opt-in service, the people you send texts to are already identified to be qualified sales leads.

Text messages can be sent at the optimal time during your marketing campaign for maximum impact. As the positive results of SMS marketing are becoming clear, more and more businesses are implementing it into their marketing strategies.

Innovative promotional ways to boost your business 798938948948

  1. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has become one of the most important methods for promoting business. The rise in popularity of social media over the last two decades has transformed the way people and businesses engage with each other. Social media marketing enables businesses to dramatically increase their brand awareness without spending a fortune on advertising and customer outreach.

By providing quality content on social media, businesses create a relationship with their audience which increases the opportunities to attract new customers.

Social media also allows businesses to get to know their customers better through live Q&As, polls, and other survey methods. Social media is one of the most effective methods for two way communication with customers and studies have found that 75% of customers who receive a personalized response to a query on social media recommended the business to others.

Not only does social media help businesses to engage with their customers but it is also a very effective SEO tool. Social media marketing helps businesses to directly drive customers to their website, but likes and shares will also be picked up by search engine algorithms. This will improve a business’s website ranking on search engine results pages which will significantly boost business.

It is very important to implement successful marketing and promotional methods in order to maximize your business’s sales and customer engagement. Traditional marketing has become obsolete with the development of new innovative tech-based marketing methods. Digital signage, SMS marketing, and social media marketing are very effective tools that every business should be implementing at every level of their marketing strategy.

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