Microlearning driving the digital industrial revolution

Microlearning in L&D has proved to revolutionize the way we learn, giving rise to the Digital Industrial Revolution. We have become significantly more reliant on technology than ever before, allowing us access to endless resources. We say hello to the new age for corporate learning and development.

Technology has changed the way we learn, think, communicate and live, and is not slowing down anytime soon. So, how does it affect the way you learn and develop in the corporate sphere?

Why microlearning?

Microlearning has given rise to a new way of learning, simplifying the most complex concepts of all.

Implementing microlearning into your organizational training strategy prepares your company for a fast-paced changing workforce, requiring agility and adaptability. It also is a crucial aspect in developing a strong sense of motivation in employees, enhancing productivity and performance significantly.

In this article, we outline 5 aspects of your organization that microlearning enhances.

  1. Organizational Communication

Organizational communication amongst employees is instantly enhanced by microlearning due to its learner-centric nature. Employees are encouraged to work together to reach the best outcome possible. Peer authoring is a unique feature offered by good authoring tools, whereby employees can teach and learn from their colleagues. This ability to share knowledge across different departments in the workplace develops strong relationships between employees with various responsibilities and roles.

  1. Goals and Objectives

Microlearning leads organizations to set achievable goals and objectives amongst the workforce. Setting these enables the effective guidance of employees, keeping them on track to reaching their optimal potential.

When combined with the amount microlearning is enabling them to learn, they become simultaneously well-informed and motivated, making them the ideal employee in a productive and progressive organization.

  1. Enhances the Personal and Professional Development of Employees

Learning through a microlearning strategy facilitates the personal and professional growth and development of employees. Employees are able to learn in a supportive and open learning environment, encouraging them to share their ideas and be open to asking assistance in areas of difficulty.

  1. Growth of Client/Customer Base

Microlearning can assist in the growth of an organization’s customer/client base through the strong emphasis placed on educating employees in as much detail as possible. This means that they are more capable of assisting potential and existing clients, as well as getting new ones on board.

  1. Overall Success

The overall success of an organization is dependent on a plethora of internal and external factors. The areas discussed above, as well as areas unique to the organization, must be fully embraced and worked with to gain as much benefit and competitive advantage as possible.


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