Midsummer Fire Festival: In The World Of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game that is popular around the globe. In this game, players make a character and search the world of Azeroth. Players have to battle with monsters, finish quests, and much more. You can play with other players as well. There are eight expansion packs of World of Warcraft that include Shadowlands. Every year, the World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands Midsummer Fire Festival happens. Now all the fans are very excited to attend this festival as they are waiting for a long time. So we have come up with the game news regarding this event.

This article will tell about all the details regarding World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands Midsummer Fire Festival 2021, so keep reading and don’t miss anything:

Midsummer Fire Festival In World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Midsummer Fire Festival is an important event that appears in the World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands game. This anticipated event runs for about two weeks. In this event, you have to complete quests, and then you get various rewards. In addition, you can have valuable buffs, food, costumes, etc. Midsummer Fire Festival starts on June 21, 2021, and ends on July 5, 2021. This event happens all over Azeroth and Outland, and there will be plenty of bonfires there. Players have to pay respects to the bonfires and annihilating their enemies. Bonfires honor by communicating with the Flame Warden or Flame Keepers. To destroy the opposite faction’s bonfire, interact with it, and finish the quest. From this event, you will get the valuable currency named Burning Blossom. Some Merchants & Vendors trade Burning Blossoms for food, festive clothes, battle pets, and more.

Also, you have to fight with the boss named Frost Lord Ahune, whom you can find in the Slave Pens in Zangarmarsh. By killing the boss, you will get the Satchel of Chilled Goods, including burning blossom, Frostscythe of Lord Ahune, Cloak of the Frigid Winds Shroud of Winter’s Chill, The Frost Lord’s Battle Shroud, etc. Finally, this event concludes with the sky itself being set alight. If you want to know about the quests and gifts, keep reading this game news.

Quests In Midsummer Fire Festival 2021

There will be multiple quests in this event that you have to complete for rewards. While in the capital cities, make sure to look for enemies; and take the flames from bonfires. You will get Burning Blossoms by completing quests. These are some of the quests that you have to complete in this event to get Burning Blossoms:

1. Torch Throwing

Torch Throwing is a two-part quest through which you will get Burning Blossoms and gold. In Torch Tossing, you have to point and throw Practice Torches at the braziers you can find around the quest giver. You will have x seconds to beat eight targets, and if you succeed, you will get rewards.

Then there is Torch Catching, in which you have to light the Unlit Torches at the bonfire, which will then throw a flaming torch in the air. Then chase the shadow of the torch, and wait where it will arrive to get it. For finishing the quest, catch the torch four times in a row.

2. The Frost Lord Ahune

When you kill Ahune for the initial time, you will get a quest item to deliver to Luma Skymother. You will get either the Tabard of Summer Skies or the Tabard of Summer Flames. Also, remember that you cannot complete this quest for more than one time.

3. Summer Scorchlings

In this quest, you have to use the item called Summer Incense and take it to the Scorchling to every bonfire. It is simple and gives you a single Burning Blossom.

Rewards In Midsummer Fire Festival 2021

If you complete the quests and kill the boss, you will get various rewards in the Midsummer Fire Festival. So below are the rewards that you will get in the World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands Midsummer Fire Festival 2021:

1. Costumes

Every player wants the fabulous costumes in the Midsummer Fire Festival. So you can get the costumes from the Midsummer Vendors in return for the Burning Blossoms. These are the costumes that you will get in this event: Sandals of Summer, Crown of the Fire Festival, Helm of the Fire Festival, Vestment of the Summer, and more.

2. Battle Pets

The value of the Burning Blossoms in the Midsummer Fire Festival is very much. You can purchase these battle pets using the currency: Spirit of Summer, Blazing Cindercrawler, and Igneous Flaming.

3. Toys

There are various toys that you can get from Midsummer Vendors in return for the Burning Blossoms. So these are the toys that you can receive in this event: Brazier of Dancing Flames, Cozy Bonfire, Set Of Matches, Burning Defender’s Medallion, etc.

4. Food

There are lots of dishes that you can purchase at the Midsummer Fire Festival. So these are the food items you can get in this event: Fiery Festival Brew, Midsummer Sausage, Toasted Smorc, Elderberry Pie, Bags of Smorc Ingredients, Fire-Toasted Bun, and Lord of Frost’s Private Label.

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