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Any person willing to repair a house or carry out construction works will sooner or later face the choice of ceiling design. Even if several ceiling options look very similar, they may differ in construction methods, features, and advantages. In this article Milton Group specialists will tell you what you should pay attention to when ordering suspended ceilings, about pros, cons, and installation options.

What are suspended ceilings?

Suspended ceiling is a non-bearing ceiling structure that is mainly used in older buildings due to the existing ceiling height. They are designed to provide aesthetics, improve acoustics, comply with environmental parameters and better integrate into the infrastructure of the room.

Benefits of suspended ceilings

Choosing suspended ceilings from the wide variety of Milton Group’s products for your interior design, you will appreciate the possibilities and advantages of this type of construction:

  • excellent sound insulation;
  • aesthetics;
  • creative lighting design;
  • disguise of rough surfaces;
  • ability to hide the cables behind the ceiling lining;
  • savings in heating costs;
  • free access to the subspace of the ceiling;
  • environmentally friendly materials;
  • installation in any type of premises (apartments, offices, hospitals) suitable for installation in rooms with high humidity (bathroom, kitchen);
  • durability.

Types of suspended ceilings

If you think that suspended ceilings are boring, and they will not allow you to fully realize your design ideas, then you are mistaken. Milton Group has in its assortment a huge variety of ceilings with different designs, qualities, colors, sizes. All suspended ceilings can be divided into groups that differ in design and purpose.

So, you will find in Milton Group :

  1. Suspended ceilings Armstrong

Suspended ceilings Armstrong come in different shapes and have different technical characteristics. Such systems are installed in residential and administrative premises. The panels are quite easy to mount and disassemble. In Milton Group you will find more than 40 types of ceilings of this design.

  1. Slatted ceiling

This is an aluminum ceiling ideal for rooms with high humidity. Such a ceiling meets the increased requirements of fire safety. They are easy to clean and perfect for the bathroom, sauna, or pool. Milton Group is ready to offer you more than fifteen options of slatted ceilings.

  1. Cassette ceiling

Aluminum ceiling. It gives the room a stylish and modern look, ideally hides imperfections and communications. Suitable for bathrooms. Milton Group has more than fifteen design options that can satisfy the most sophisticated taste.

  1. Suspended ceiling “Grilyato”

A novelty in the field of ceiling products. Grilyato suspended ceiling is most often used in shopping centers, entertainment complexes, clubs, airports, and car dealerships. It is easy to install, and even easier to care for such a ceiling. You will find more than twenty types of Grilyato ceilings in Milton Group at an affordable price.

  1. Slatted cube-shaped ceiling

This type of ceiling is ideal for implementing the most daring design decisions. The ceiling imitates natural materials, making the room more comfortable. Most suitable for commercial premises. Milton Group has more than twenty options of slatted cube ceilings.

Lamps for your suspended ceiling

As you can see, Milton Group is ready to offer you a large selection of suspended ceilings for every taste and color, as well as depending on the functional purpose of the room. But the choice of ceiling design does not end there. Lighting also needs to be taken into account. You can choose from over twenty lamps, all of which are available in Milton Group. If you have any difficulties with the independent selection of lamps, the company’s specialists will be happy to advise you and suggest the most successful option.

Benefits of Milton Group

Milton Group works directly with manufacturers, which means for the consumer the possibility of installing a stretch ceiling at prices below the market average. At the same time, the company cares a lot about the quality of the materials provided. All products are certified. The implemented suspended ceilings have passed all the necessary laboratory tests and are absolutely safe. In addition, the company cares about the environment and works exclusively with environmentally friendly materials. A large selection of suspended ceiling options, as well as fast delivery, will allow you to change your interior design in the shortest possible time and at no great cost.


Modern technologies and design trends in repairs and decoration of premises allow you to choose from a variety of design options. Among all the variety, suspended ceilings continue to occupy a leading position. Milton Group is ready to help you with the implementation of your ideas. Contact us and find out the cost calculation of your ceiling in 5 minutes! If you need speed, reliability and quality, you have come to the right place!

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