Review 2023: Is This A Reliable Website For Coin Collectors?

The Royal Canadian Mint has embodied Canada’s rich heritage and values for over a century. Now, you can experience the exquisite craftsmanship and unique designs of the Mint’s offerings at your fingertips with 

Whether you’re a passionate coin collector, a discerning investor in precious metals, or simply intrigued by the stunning coins commemorating Canada’s significant events and natural wonders, is the perfect destination. 

In this review, we’ll look at the features, pricing, pros, and cons as we uncover a world of Canadian coins and bullion products that cater to every interest and budget.

What is is great for seasoned collectors with an impressive array of coins or someone just beginning to dip their toes into coin collecting. Trust me,, the official website of the Royal Canadian Mint, has got you covered.

You’ll find an extensive collection that caters to every taste and budget, from traditional circulation coins to stunning precious metal pieces. is vetted among the most versatile mints worldwide. You could use it as a fantastic tool for your savings goals.

They take security seriously. To purchase, you must have a valid profile with a stated address. They’re not playing around with this.

How Does Work

Open the Website: Head to the RCM website and embark on your collecting adventure.

Create an Account: Before you dive into the treasures awaiting you, take a moment to create an account. Click on the icon at the top of the website, and fill in your details – personal, shipping, payment, and billing information.

Choose the product: Here’s where the fun begins. Browse the RCM website, and you’ll be spoiled for choice. Whether it’s precious metals like physical gold or silver bullion you’re after, they’ve got it all.

Checkout: Now that you’ve picked your coins, head to the checkout. Go through your order, finalize it, proceed to payment, and there you have it – your numismatic treasures will soon be on their way!

Products & Services of

There are some really good products and services that make their offering stand out from alternatives out there. But what are these products or services? Let’s find out. 

  • Minting Services

Their global presence provides minting, production, and distribution services to numerous countries. Backed by the Canadian government, they offer top-quality craftsmanship for numismatic coins circulated worldwide.

  • Storage/Refinery

They have some of the industry’s most advanced refineries for gold and silver. Their secure vaults around the globe offer a haven for your precious investments.

  • Secure Bullion Coins

Each coin is intricately designed, making them valuable investments and beautiful additions to any collection. The RCM’s reputation for pure, top-quality bullion is known and trusted by metal investors and dealers worldwide.

  • Exchange-Traded Receipts

In collaboration with the Canadian Silver Reserves, the RCM offers a way for investors to participate in the silver and gold markets through Exchange-Traded Receipts (ETRs). Pricing 

On, you’ll find financial tools and products for various budgets. They’ve got it whether you’re after affordable Canadian circulation coins or high-end precious metal collectibles. 

Pricing depends on factors like coin type, metal content, design intricacy, and rarity. Commemorative coins often have a premium due to their limited mintage and craftsmanship. But don’t worry. There are budget-friendly options like circulation coins.

When it comes to precious metals, prices fluctuate with the market. Shipping charges are another factor to consider. 

The RCM provides a smooth experience for customers in Canada and the U.S., dispatching orders in a reasonable timeframe. You can click here to sign up for if this platform ticks all your boxes. 

Pros and Cons of

The platform has its pros and drawbacks which we’ll be looking at in this section. 

Pros of 

  • Extensive coin collection
  • Great craftsmanship
  • Secure purchase
  • Authenticity and certification
  • Special edition and limited releases

Cons of

  • Premium pricing
  • Limited availability
  • Shipping costs
  • Cumbersome navigation and user interface

Who is for? 

If you’re a budding coin collector, is your ideal starting point. Their extensive collection and user-friendly website make it a breeze. They offer commemorative coins celebrating Canada’s rich history and cultural heritage.


the Royal Canadian Mint is the real deal. It’s a government-owned company that covers all your minting needs. Ready to add some shiny treasures to your collection? Head over to and start collecting!

Alternatively, you could consider other options like Apmex, BGASC, and JM Bullion as alternatives to They’ve got a variety of precious metals and numismatic products to cater to your collecting and investing needs. 

It wouldn’t hurt to read our review or two to see how they stack up against their competitors.