The Miracle of Spanish Coffee

Spanish coffee can be an amazing treat for any day. Filled with caffeine, alcohol, and a bittersweet taste, this drink is great to accompany a sweet dessert or savor it by itself. When people hear Spanish coffee, they think that it is the coffee beans that make the difference. However, this is not true. Spanish coffee is determined by the alcohol and what is added to it.

If regular coffee is a little too bitter and you want to add a little splash of alcohol into your drink, this is the coffee for you. Spanish coffee is a delicious drink with some interesting characteristics that will leave you coming back for more.

Spanish coffee 11212Here are a few of the ‘miraculous’ benefits that drinking this coffee can provide.

High Caffeine for More Energy

If you are looking for a drink to wake you up and give you a kick of energy then look no further. Spanish coffees are created to be strong in caffeine, therefore will wake up even the most tired person. It is recommended that you have stronger coffee beans that you can grind up and add to your drink. There are plenty of other ways of breaking up your coffee beans if you don’t have a grinder, like using a mortar and pestle or even a blender, like NutriBullet.

Once your coffee beans are ground up, brew your coffee as per normal, it is normally recommended to have about three ounces for one standard drink of Spanish coffee. Once that is all done, add the coffee to your drink as your base and prepare to add further ingredients. The coffee aspect here is great for any coffee lover as they will appreciate the bitterness it provides, however, those that do not enjoy that bitter aspect will enjoy the sweet ingredients added later on.

Regardless of how you like your coffee, the one thing that you can guarantee with a good Spanish coffee is a lot of caffeine to give you that extra kick of much-needed energy.

A Delicious Taste for All

As discussed earlier, whether you are into bitter coffees or sweet coffees, this drink will satisfy you. While the coffee provides the standard unique bitterness of the drink, liqueur alcohols are added such as Kahlua or Amaretto to add some much-needed sweetness along with an alcoholic kick. After that, most people will add cream and sugar to the drink to increase sweetness. The great thing about a Spanish coffee is that it is fully customizable and can be made exactly the way you want it.

While recipes recommend three ounces of coffee, you can add much more into it if you want your coffee to be more bitter. If you are looking for a sweet drink, you can either add less coffee or add in much more sugar and cream to create it the way you want.

It doesn’t matter if you like coffee or not, you can create yourself the perfect tailor-made Spanish coffee for yourself. Not only that, but feel free to use this recipe on your guests and create it the way they would like it also. A well made Spanish coffee will appeal to everyone in your house.

Spanish coffee 21000Add Alcohol for More Fun

What sets a Spanish coffee apart from other coffees is the use of alcohol, and when we say alcohol we aren’t talking about Baileys or a light liqueur. While some coffees like to play it safe, some Spanish coffee recipes call for 151-proof rum, or other high alcoholic percentage liquors to be added in.

Having several of these coffees will not just wake you up, it will liven up the party and quickly get you on your feet. Look to experiment with the alcohol that you add to these coffees. While there are definite recommendations such as Cointreau, you are also free to experiment by adding in different rums, whiskeys, or liqueurs.

For an added flair, if you add high proof alcohol to the coffee, you can light it in fire briefly to give it massive appeal at any party. It is a drink that comes with its own party trick! Liven up any party with a nice warm Spanish coffee.

Perfect for a night in or a night out, Spanish coffee will provide a delicious and unique taste that everyone can enjoy. Not only that, but you can customize this drink so that it is flavored exactly the way you want it to be flavored. Become the talk of the party when you bring these in for everyone. What ingredients will you add to your Spanish coffee?


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