Mistakes to Avoid When Filing Injury Claims in Long Island

If you want to avoid making mistakes when filing your injury claim, you should know what the common mistakes are. Becoming aware of these mistakes can give you a better chance of increasing your injury settlement in court. 

Accidents can happen unexpectedly and leave you with physical and emotional injuries. Although New York has a no-fault insurance law, it’s still possible to recover compensation for the losses you’ve suffered in your accident. You can hold the at-fault party in your accident accountable by filing a personal injury claim against them, but doing so will require some knowledge about the legal system.

Filing injury claims image 49939949If you’ve never taken legal action before, it’s easy to make mistakes when filing a claim. Having a lawyer by your side as you fight for the compensation you deserve can make it easier to get the most out of your claim. We’ve listed some mistakes to avoid below so you can stay aware as you move forward in the legal process.

Not Preserving Evidence

Evidence is essential if you hope to prove negligence against the liable parties in your accident and get the most money for your damages. Many victims don’t preserve evidence because they don’t know a specific piece of evidence will be important. If you want to avoid this mistake, you should preserve all documentation related to your accident even if you don’t think it’ll be useful.

Admitting Fault on Social Media

Posting on social media after your accident may seem harmless, but it can be detrimental to your case. The defendant in your case may use your social media posts as evidence against you if you’ve admitted fault.

The best way to avoid the mistake of admitting fault on social media is to refrain from using social media after your accident. If you plan to take legal action, you shouldn’t speak about the accident on the Internet until after you resolve your case; that way, there’s no virtual trail for the defendant to track.

Settling on the First Offer Received

Many victims are impatiently waiting for their case to be resolved so they can receive their settlement money and move on with their life. It’s understandable to want a resolution, but it can be a mistake to settle on the first offer you receive because this offer is usually less than the amount you truly deserve. You should work with an attorney and determine the value of your claim before accepting an offer.

It’s best to be patient and fight a larger settlement because if you settle quickly, you could miss out on a lot of money.

Waiting Too Long to Contact an Attorney

Waiting too long to contact an attorney is a common mistake victims make after getting in accidents. Many victims hesitate to seek legal help because they don’t think their case is worthy of a lawsuit or they don’t want to spend money on a lawyer. Waiting to speak to an attorney, however, can lead to more mistakes made and more money lost.

If you want to avoid making mistakes when filing your personal injury claim, you should speak with a team of experienced lawyers and pursue your case with confidence.


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