Mobil Honda BR-V Spec & Reviews

The Mobil Honda BR-V is one of the pioneers of its class, where other manufacturers have followed its path. So we will try to compare it a bit to its counterparts. let’s begin


The Mobil Honda BR-V is just a tad bigger than the Honda RS. Compared to its counterparts from other brands like the Toyota rush and Mitsubishi expander. The difference increases a bit, but they almost have the same size.


It does have halogen projector headlights to give better focus on the light beam resulting in better visibility at night. We also have a dominant chrome grille that gives the BR-V a distinguished design. It also comes equipped with halogen fog lights. Nowhere below will you notice this silver accent. This silver accent distinguishes the top-of-the-line variant from the lower variant as the Mobil Honda BR-V does not.

Alloy wheels and tires

It has this black fender giving it that tough appearance. The Mobil Honda BR-V has led Serener integrated turn signals, unlike the Mobil Honda BR-V. Which is fender mounted. The roof rails also come in as a standard feature on the BR-V .other distinguishable features of the high-end variant from the lower one are the shark pin antenna, the chrome door handles, and this chrome side seal protector found at the lower part of the door.


The Mobil Honda BR-V has ventilated discs at the front and, as you can see, has drone-type rear brakes. Now, this is what the BR-V looks like from the rear.

Closer look 

It has a high mount stop lamp for better visibility, especially when followed by huge vehicles like trucks. In the Mobil Honda BR-V stay lights design, you have two vertically placed reflectors found on each lower end of the rear bumper, and this silver accent is found. below is just the same with the front, which is only found on the v variant

The trunk

The Mobil Honda BR-V has a trunk capacity of 220 liters, which is already a decent amount of space with the third-row seats upright. Now in case, you need a bigger space for much larger cargo. You can always fold the third-row seats as easily as this. Then you’d increase the trunk capacity to 470 liters, and if that’s not enough, you can still stumble the third-row seat to increase the trunk capacity furthermore up to 521 liters. That’s a lot of space.

The interior

The Mobil Honda BR-V has a smart entry system. which means you don’t need the keys to lock and unlock the doors. So this is what the interior of the BR-V looks like. It has a 7-inch touchscreen display audio capable of Bluetooth USB hands-free telephone audio streaming smartphone memory for apps like android auto apple car play, and it has four speakers. So this is their auto conditioning and has a digital display with manual controls.

The steering wheel 

It has audio controls on the left side of the steering wheel. At the back of the steering wheel are paddle shifters if you want to drive using manual mode. At the back of the left side is the push start-stop button. By the door are some of the basic controls for the side mirrors and windows. The BR-V does come with power-folding mirrors. 

The shift knob has a nice red accent too, and the red accent is also found in the steering wheel, which is also in leather. There’s also a compartment in the car where your phones fit. It has a silver accent that goes throughout the dashboard, and you have a metallic finish at the front. The BRV has two front airbags, one for the driver and one for the passengers. 

The row

The red leather accent is still available at the back in the armrest and the leather seats. Here at the back, you still have air vents to keep you cool, and a fan speed controller is also present. You can see there is an ample amount of deck room. So that you know, these seats are adjustable and are fully pushed forward. This is now the space. The seats to the back. It may look small but trust me, that’s a lot of difference. Now getting to the third row is very simple by just stumbling down the second-row seats effortlessly. the third-row seats are still in leather with that red-colored accent and trust me, these seats are not meant for kids only, but they could also fit regular sized adults comfortably

The engine

The BR-V has a four-cylinder 1.5liter iv attack engine which produces 120 ps and 145newton meters of torque. which is euro 4 compliant and is mated to a continuous variable transmission now. when compared to its rivals all of them have the same engine size but the BR-V is the most powerful. but being the most powerful doesn’t equate to having a bad fuel economy as the BR-V is equipped with a continuously variable transmission compared to the others .which only has a4-speed automatic transmission which means on paper the BR-V is the most fuel-efficient Honda claims.

BR-V did achieve22.58 kilometers per liter after driving 231 kilometers through highway night driving now imagine that. it has the silver garnish accent here at the front bumper and also at the rear leather seats paddle shifters shark pin antenna power-folding side mirrors and side mirror integrated turn signals chrome door handles led daytime running light chrome side shield protector smart entry system push start-stop button.


If you’re now convinced to get the BR-V you can get it in the colors: passion red pearl platinum white pearl modern steel metallic and lunar silver metallic. If you want to know more about it, you can write in the comment box. We will try to answer.