Top 4 Mobile App Development Trends of 2021

The creation of a mobile application is only the first step in building a modern service. After entering the market, it must be kept up to date, trying to keep up with modern trends, because users always demand something new. Their need for innovations and smart solutions becomes a challenge for developers.

This article will:

  • Analyze the features of developing applications for mobile devices. Info about the latest mobile development technologies.
  • Consider the key trends that will have a huge impact on the field of creating mobile app trends in 2021. New trends in mobile application development.
  • Provide statistical data and illustrative examples.

By providing users or customers with the ability to work through a mobile application, you can make them more loyal to the company and brand. Today the availability of applications is no longer something innovative. It has become a basic market need for any app and web development company. This article will consider the latest and most significant trends.

Today, programs for smartphones are no longer a technological innovation. They also have become an everyday business tool. Recent studies show that most people access the Internet through mobile devices, with 90%. Today more people in the world own smartphones than household items such as a toothbrush and experienced app development companies from the Ramotion blog know this very well.

Smartphones are responsible for generating 52% of mobile traffic. They also open about three-quarters of emails. Modern gadgets are so easy to use that it has even influenced user preferences. Four out of five smartphone owners prefer to buy from companies that offer customers appropriate applications. That also concerns sites that make it easier to find answers to their questions. Also, statistics show that the largest smartphone app stores today offer over 4 million utilities.

Like all technological developments, smartphone apps are characterized by rapid volatility and the ability to rely on the latest trends. Many businesses today are promoting not only websites but also their mobile software. It allows you to more target advertising by phone numbers, geodata, and other parameters. Now it’s worth considering the key factors that will have the greatest impact on mobile software development in 2021. What you should know about mobile app trends?

Artificial Intelligence

Face recognition technology has ceased to be an important optional extra. Once, filters and cute stickers helped world media to conquer the whole internet. The power of artificial intelligence is being used in an increasing number of apps.

AI technologies provide the broadest possibilities: you can use them to embed speech recognition, smart filters for a video camera. Now, the largest players in the IT market offer their assistants, developed based on artificial intelligence. The possibilities for using AI are almost endless. You can even analyze the sound of working industrial equipment through the phone. Often the changes so a person is not able to notice the differences and the algorithm will detect them.

Blockchain and decentralized applications

Blockchain technology is used by the creators and holders of cryptocurrencies. But allows the development of any decentralized databases, regardless of purpose. It is the lack of centralization that makes them resistant to hacker attacks, hacking, and fraud. Also, this technology can be used to make secure payments or protect network access.

The blockchain is based on the generation of tokens used for authentication. Given the lack of centralization, unauthorized changes to the information recorded in the database become impossible.

While this technology is considered only with the cryptocurrency market, but, more and more tech giants are showing interest in it. Today, a blockchain-based infrastructure has emerged. That allows corporations to integrate this technology into their business processes. It could also contribute to the development of custom mobile applications.

Augmented reality

For those people who have at least once encountered difficulties in thinking through the design of a room and arranging furniture, there is a decision. Augmented reality applications offered by some manufacturers will help solve this problem. Thanks to them, you can use the phone camera and display for virtual placement of a sofa or shelf in the room.

This technology has a serious difference from virtual reality. Since it only expands the possibilities of the surrounding world and does not create a new one. It has tremendous potential in various sectors of the economy. It also concerns the fashion and beauty industry and interior design.

5G technology

5G mobile technology is a new standard that is planned to replace the previous generation 4G / LTE. It provides the highest data transfer rate (up to 100 Gbps). It will simplify the implementation of the Internet of Things. Developers of software for smartphones need to prepare in advance. It’s important to scale the released applications with this technology in mind. Experts predict that next year global 5G infrastructure costs will be $ 2.3 billion.


There is no doubt that the impact of mobile apps will continue to grow in 2021. The trends for 2021 suggest that new technology will continue to push the boundaries of apps in the coming days.

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