All you need to know about mobile display advertising

mobile display advertising image 44344Mobile advertising is still convenient for performing, however advertising budgets are more and more spent on it. It can be partially explained by the fact that mobile environment is evaluating by leaps and bounds. So, marketers have enormous opportunities what to do, but the challenges are also growing. Almost everyone nowadays has a mobile phone, except infants and toddlers, and the amount of the devices is going to grow as world population is also getting bigger – obviously, mobile advertising market will be an important part of the audience that should be accounted on.

What do we mean by “mobile advertising”?

These are ads that appear on websites or apps that are watched from various mobile devices like telephones, smartphones or tablets.

Even ten years ago nobody expected telephones could become so important as their function was for calling and texting SMS only. But technology has spoiled the game and nowadays mobiles are not the means to call your mom, we order a taxi, read newsfeed on Facebook, listen to music and many others activities – so, the time people spend glued to their gadgets cannot be ignored.

How mobile ads work?

As we have learnt before, mobile ads are those displayed on mobile devices or another words – mobile display advertising. Their styles, as well as formats, are versatile. Besides, there several channels can be included publish them: from mobile versions of websites to social networks, mobile applications or another online advertising platform.

Mobile advertising is beneficial for both parties: Advertisers get opportunity to promote their services and goods, while Publishers find a way to make some money from their inventory.

Mobile ad types:


The oldest variant on the Internet. The same as desktop mates, they can static, animated or include sound effects. They are mainly used to increase brand awareness, however it is complicated as the screens of mobile devices are smaller and it is difficult to put a lot of information, so main is to work on recognition and show product name to as many as possible and try to turn them at least into potential customers.

Native ads

It is the mildest way of advertising, as the ads here migrate to the style of the website. Generally, they are marked like “sponsored content”, but in whole look as a natural part of the website. They are treated with the biggest positive attitude as they are absolutely non-intrusive and don’t show themselves anyhow until being clicked.

Video ads

They are most often played when a user communicates with a certain application. They are more interactive, effective and entertaining, but they should be spent money on them to gain such effects as qualified editors, designers and other people should be hired.


These ads are more common for the applications. One can see them when finishes one level in the game and is going to take the next.

Pricing models

There are different models to calculate the display of each ad, but main types are the following:

CPC (Cost Per Click) – Advertiser is charged each time the ad was simply clicked, conversion or any other stuff is out of discussion. The question of price here is questionable as it depends at least on the website the ad will be displayed, the popular the resource is – the higher the price.

CPA (Cost Per Action) – mobile campaigns can be interested not only in clicks, but in some other things as well, like installations or subscriptions etc.

CPM (Cost Per Mile) – it means, that only displays are counted and payment is required for each thousand of them. Advertisers is not focused on clicks, he is interested that the ad could be seen as often as possible to greater audiences.

Why is mobile advertising beneficial?

There can be thousands of cons provided, but we would like to mention, probably, the most important. People take mobile devices anywhere they go, while one computer for a family is still possible, but a smartphone is unlikely to have the same treatment. What it means for marketers is that they get a channel to reach all their customer individually. At any moment in time.