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Each of us has had a mobile game installed on our phones. They come in different genres and sizes, are designed for various age groups, and serve different purposes, for example Raid: Shadow Legends or Call of Dragons. Statista predicts the Mobile Games revenue is to rocket by US$124.90bn in 2022 while the number of players is to reach 1,931.7M. The figures back the fact that mobile game development is a booming idea but the realization is challenging. This article will glance at how Celadon acts toward mobile game development by using Unity.

Team composition

A high-quality product can be built only under experts’ ward. So, we make up a team competent in constructing unity game development of various levels of complexity. The team is united in harmony between the might-be project’s complicatedness and members’ skills and qualifications to satisfy the client’s expectations. 

  • Project Manager 

A skilled PM is a driving force in the development of a flourishing mobile game. The PM not just deals with the team organization and management. They are to know every tiny detail of the project, guide the communication between a customer and the team as well as inside the team, and predict and cope with issues. They’re decision-makers in the course of a mobile game building. 

  • Artists 

Design is a core stage in mobile games. They are to overcome tons of challenges. Their goal is to draw a design that will attract newcomers and facilitate keeping players in. Once a concept is preferred the artist initiates their venture in creating every single piece of the visuals. Our Designers possess enormous talent, massive experience, awareness of multiple techniques, and the ability to combine them to bring extraordinary solutions. 

Our pros are attentive to every detail of characters, surroundings, missions, and other visual units. This approach allows us to create alluring, suave gameplay. 

  • Developers

Code is a mobile game foundation. We use the most modern technology and cross-platforms to deliver the best solution for a fascinating mobile game. When it comes to mobile game development services our professionals prefer Python, Photon, and Firebase. Occasionally, in the course of development, the creators have to adjust the technology to attain a more satisfactory upshot. 

What does it take to develop a mobile game? We immerse ourselves in every stage of the development span to bring about a jazzed-up mobile game. Here’s the mobile game creation process is shaped in a step-by-step way. 


Before getting down directly to the production, we initiate pre-production thorough research. The research is aimed to find out the target audience, and platforms, analyze the genre trends, and gameplay and develop a marketing campaign, set the goals, and draw up the roadmap for game development. The paperwork is done at this stage as well. Our goal at the pre-production stage is to provide a client with a full map of work to be done and conduct estimation. 

Concept art

The scale of user experience satisfaction relies on not only flawlessly written code but also the art. The creative team at Celadon gives the best shot to deliver an engaging and user-friendly concept. Creative assets are drawn up by artists, level designers, and UI specialists that are joined together for enabling an outstanding game experience. They bring a project to life by working on bright illustration, modelling, and smooth animation.


Celadon’s developers have extended experience in working with the Unity game engine. Sometimes the technology gets troublesome and we come to mutual brainstorming and teamwork to find a solution. We use the same approach to handling complex tasks. A preferable programming language is selected based on the game specifications and business requirements. For example, Python and Photon are used for the backend. 


Testing makes code perfect. The production doesn’t end with ready-made code. As we adhere to the result-wise approach, it’s crucial for us the code work to a turn. What our QAs test: 

  • device compatibility,
  • usability,
  • performance
  • many more

Setting a game free of bugs is to match the game development quality and the correspondence of its requirements.

Post-launch support

We care about customer success and stay for a product post-release support. once a mobile game is launched we build updates, fix bugs, if any, of course, provide support services for the game post-release maintenance, and do marketing and app store optimization. Our clients can reach us whenever they need us. 

On the final note

Making mobile games is pure fun and our team goes a bundle on it. We head off on the journey from the first steps, helping our clients at the pre-production stage, growing a game in design, developing, testing, and launching stages until the product is cutting edge and ready to be launched. Due to deep knowledge and strong skills in Unity game development services, the latest tools and frameworks are preferred in production. Moreover, we adjust the technologies to make them the best fit for the project we are working on. Python, Photon, and Firebase are the means to develop engaging mobile games that are of high quality and have a strong technological basis. 

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