Mobile loyalty programs for business

How to bring back a customer? Every businessman asks himself this question, realizing that the basis of his business is regular customers. There are many ways to reimburse a customer back, but not all of them are equally effective. Some companies propose various plastic bonus cards that no required holder can stand! For this reason, the classic material cards on which bonuses are awarded work less and less efficiently.

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The future belongs to mobile cards

It’s another matter when the available loyalty program is presented in a form of the mobile app that can be easily downloaded on the phone. Such a solution is always at hand and has a clear design. The business owner gathers the data about the user and even can get the reviews, which are grouped on a special page in the integrated CRM system. You can answer to any of the clients, and as a bonus offer special conditions on his/her next visit.

Such an application is compatible with the useful loyalty program and has some built-in mechanics to increase repeat sales.

How does it work in the mechanical context?

Here is one of the possible and well-known by many people scenarios

  • Users install the loyalty program app on their smartphone and are invited to receive a bonus when participating in the loyalty program (and in gratitude for this).
  • When a client arrives at a restaurant and makes an order, he/she tells the administrator or waiter about being a participant of the loyalty program restaurant.
  • On his/her first visit, he/she is marked in the mobile application by entering a secret code that is known only by the restaurant manager. Thus, reaching a certain number of marks, the client takes his/her reward or bonus.

Why will customers participate in the loyalty program?

People are already tired of the classic bonus cards, which absolutely do not give them anything, but are only aimed at taking more of their money. Companies continue to distribute bonus cards, but this does not increase customer loyalty to the company or brand. Therefore, business loyalty cards in a mobile application that don’t force customers to constantly carry cards with them will be interesting variants.

The viral effect is also real. Loyalty programs in the mobile app will make customers talk about this company. For example, a company that delivers ready meals and sells fuel has integrated a loyalty program into a mobile app. When customers order sushi in the office or loyalty to sell fuel, they start using the services of this company, because they participate in the loyalty program and want to get bonuses for it.

When customers frequently fill up their car and buy coffee at a gas station, they also start using the company’s fuel loyalty app because they are members of the loyalty program and want to get bonuses for doing so.


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