Will mobile phones only be used for gaming in the future?

The future of gaming and communication has radically changed as technology advances. It used to be that players needed an expensive gaming system to enjoy playing their favorite games properly and would use their smartphones for communication. But with games such as Fortnite, mobile Slots, and Call of Duty Mobile, it’s becoming possible to have the gamer experience anywhere you are. Alongside the advancement of other technology such as the metaverse and Elon Musk’s neural link, could mobile phones’ primary purpose change completely?

Will mobile phones only be used for gaming in the future?
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Why would it?

As time has progressed, people have reimagined how to use products. In the process, things that were initially designed to be used one way, the consumer ends up using in a completely different way, and often this change of use is why the product remains relevant.

What was the phone invented for?

When phones were first invented, they were large, immoveable, and wired. The only thing they could do was call other people. Since then, technology has advanced, and the cell phone has transformed into the smartphone with many more capabilities than ever before. Smartphones can currently do almost anything from calling other smartphones, playing games, doing math, accessing the internet, taking photos and videos, and almost anything we need them for.

What would replace the way we communicate?

What would replace the way we communication
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This is a huge question, with many companies racing to the top to provide the system that becomes the new and advanced way of communication. On the one side, we have Facebook, which rebranded to Meta and wants to create the “metaverse“. The metaverse is said to become a place for everything from gaming, working out, and dining to fitness. Suddenly people will be able to do everything from home, or wherever you are tapped into, to do things they usually would need to go out to do.

If this future does happen, mobile phones may become a thing of the past. We wouldn’t need to call or message people to keep in contact; we could now join their server and have a conversation “face-to-face” in the virtual world.

The other option is that Elon Musk’s neural link becomes the thing of the future that everyone uses. If people had computers linked up to their brains, there would be no need for mobile phones, as their brains would become the supercomputer. If you wanted to catch up with someone – would you only need to link consciousness with them? The details are still blurry regarding how communication will work with the neural link, but it would be much more efficient than today’s “smartphones.”

But what about current portable gaming devices?

While it is true that current gaming devices are capable of, and are currently being used for, the sole purpose of gaming, it leaves one to wonder how long these devices will stay relevant. With people already playing games on their mobile phones, many wonder whether these devices will be around long enough for mobile phones to become obsolete. Some companies, such as Blizzard, are already not releasing their latest game, Diablo Immortal, onto console or PC and, by doing so, giving all their focus to the mobile release.

As smartphones continue to improve and become more advanced, they may even be capable of having their peripherals, which will enable smartphones to have similar controls as the new Nintendo switch does. It will be the end of the current portable gaming system when this inevitably occurs. People will no longer feel the need to have both a mobile phone and purchase a mobile gaming system, as the smartphone will be able to do both.

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