A Guide to Modern Business Communication

These days the methods of communication are so different from those of a generation ago. Now with the existence of the modern computer, and even more so the online world we are seeing possibilities that would have been unthinkable in our parent’s era. This means that the modern worker needs to be on top of all of these methods and be able to professionally use them in the modern workplace.

Modern business communication
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In the past to be able to hold a work meeting everyone needed to be in the same place, but now with powerful video-conferencing software and the existence of broadband internet, we can have a meeting where none of the participants are present in the same location. This only makes communicating a little more difficult as you need to get used to how turn-taking works in these settings.

If we look to the future though we may soon see 3D holographic video-conferencing becoming widely used, even if it is too expensive for most offices today.

Collaborative Working

It’s more common than ever for teams to be working from different locations and even a number of the team members might work from home some of all of the time. But this is made possible with collaborative project software with messaging and file-sharing all built-in amongst other features. There are so many of these apps and bits of software that it’s sometimes difficult to choose one, but check out this little guide and it reviews some of the best.

Sending Documents

Sending documents online is easy you might say, just use email. But is this the best way to do so? Well maybe, sometimes, but there are certain situations that it’s not the best. You often find emails have file size limits, or you might need a more secure method or even need to send an online fax.


Business travel is often essential, but what’s the best way to do it, unless teleportation becomes the norm, and they’ve only managed to teleport a single photon so far and although this is highly impressive, we’re not going to be commuting that way any soon. But back in the real world it’s also essential, at times, to have to transport staff from one location to another.

How you do this greatly depends on what your needs are, for organizations that do this regularly or have large numbers of staff perhaps pool cars are a good option. If it’s more of an occasional thing then maybe it’s just easier to hire as you go?

Communicating With Customers

These days staying in touch with customers and keeping them happy is an essential part of running a business. You need to have a strong customer care policy and have well-updated and regularly monitored social media accounts to ensure any interactions from customers are seen and responded to. Also, having email regularly checked and an active phone number is essential, many customers now like the additional method of live chat as it’s easier to discuss things for some.


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