The Rise of Modern Home Security Systems

The security of a property is the primary concern for every homeowner. Modern home security systems have much better features that guarantee the safety of your loved ones as well as your prized possessions. You can take a look at the best security systems on

Over the years, home security systems have continually added new features to cope with the evolving demands of homeowners. In this article, we examine the rise of home security systems.

The First Home Alarm System

The pioneering home alarm used an electric circuit to vibrate and ring a brass bell. When a door or a window connected to the alarm was opened, the sudden flow of electricity would trigger the siren. The ringing would continue even after closing the door or window until the user manually shut the alarm down.

Adoption of Home Security Systems

In the past, only wealthy families could afford home alarm systems. However, an increase in population led to a corresponding rise in burglary cases. As a result, people started investing in home security systems. Insurance companies also played a vital role in this adoption by giving discounts to people with alarm systems on their premises.

Introduction of Video Surveillance

The first security systems only had alarms that produced blaring sounds during break-ins. Although they were effective, it was nearly impossible to identify the burglars, especially if they ran away.

In the 1970s, the security industry had a breakthrough – the introduction of surveillance cameras. The only challenge was that the cameras shot low-quality images and video.

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Features of Modern Home Security Systems

Modern home security systems have advanced features that allow you to protect your property effectively and guarantee the safety of your belongings and family. Nowadays, you can quickly stop an intrusion before it occurs.

Smart home devices are gaining popularity, as they can make intelligent decisions and implement defense measures to prevent an invasion. It is also easy to control devices remotely, meaning that you have peace of mind even when you are away from home.

Here are the key companies of modern home security systems.

Smart Locks

Traditional locking mechanisms are easy to pick, even if you are not an expert. Modern smart locks, on the other hand, are impossible to pick, as they verify the validity of a key using an encrypted electronic interface.

Some smart locks do not use keys – instead, they require passwords or biometric identification to unlock. Such locks offer more security and convenience, as you can easily open them using your smartphone.

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Video Doorbells

Burglars often ring the doorbell to check if anyone is home. Installing a video doorbell makes it easier to identify whoever is at the door before you open it. These doorbells have inbuilt motion detectors that automatically switch them on when somebody approaches your doorway.

Moreover, you can sync the video doorbell with your smartphone. This allows you to see who is at your door from remote locations.

Smart Motion Detectors

The most significant shortcoming of traditional motion detectors was triggering false alarms. They could set off the alarm if pets, children, or any other harmless object crossed their field of detection.

Smart motion detectors have integrated cameras and use AI to detect and understand moving objects before triggering the alarm. Some models support thermal imaging, which allows them to recognize motion in dark conditions.

Smartphone Integration

You can easily control modern home security systems using your smartphone from anywhere in the world.  Furthermore, you can access the cameras and see every activity in your home.

The Future of Home Security Systems

As technology advances, home appliances are now coming with inbuilt miniaturized computers. This technology, known as the Internet of Things (IoT), aims to make it possible to control every device in your home using your smartphone from remote locations.

Soon, manufacturers expect to release a wide range of domestic appliances that are IoT-enabled.  These will eliminate the need for trusting third-party systems to safeguard your property. Although IoT is still in emerging stages, they look set to revolutionize the home security industry once they become widely available.


Modern home security systems offer high-quality protection for your household. Before settling on a particular home security system, conduct thorough research to see whether it meets your requirements.

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