Mommy Makeover Yoo Retouch in Turkey

Maternity aesthetics or mommy makeover includes postpartum sagging, loosening, regional lubrication and other services. It refers to many surgical procedures used to correct changes. All procedures can be performed simultaneously or sequentially. It is best to wait at least 6 months after delivery before deciding on operations. During this time, the tissues heal and weight loss can be achieved with food and exercise. Breastfeeding is not an obstacle to performing such operations or anesthesia. You have safely held your baby in your arms. You are with the baby for about 24 hours. Maybe you don’t even have time for basic needs like showering and eating. You spend the whole day at home in your pajamas and your hair is disheveled. After the shower, your eyes are caught in the mirror from time to time and this image makes you even more sad. You should not worry because you are not alone. Many mothers like you share your feelings. While giving birth, breastfeeding, and spending time with your child are enjoyable experiences, it’s natural to feel dehumanized at times and crave your old routine and pregnancy physique. However, in some bodies it can be difficult to recover genetically linked tissue. If you say that no matter what I do, I cannot go back to my old self, you can benefit from various surgical operations. In some people, all operations can be performed at the same time, while in others, one or more people may be needed. Some surgeries require a hospital stay, while others are performed on an outpatient basis, allowing the patient to return home to recover after surgery. Mommy makeover Turkey is one of the clinics that has patients from many countries and carries the satisfaction to the highest level by showing the same care and sensitivity in each patient.

How Much Does a Mommy Makeover Cost?

Many factors are taken into account when determining pregnancy aesthetic prices. Although patients like to learn the price directly from the internet, this operation varies for each person. Various techniques are used according to the wishes of the patients. As a result of this diversity, the mommy makeover cost is changing. You can contact Yoo Retouch health center for more detailed information. Maternity surgery prices may increase or decrease according to the person’s deformity after birth. Apart from these, the materials to be used for the surgery, the method of the surgery, the experience of the doctor and the locations that perform the procedure are impressive price variables. You can contact Yoo Retouch regarding maternity aesthetics and make a consultation appointment for additional information. You can visit the clinic and talk to one of the doctors.

Mommy Makeover in Yoo Retouch

If you have decided to have this operation, first of all, the patient should have lost some of the weight they gained before the procedure. Because this is a body shaping surgery rather than a weight loss surgery. As mentioned earlier, it is preferable for breastfeeding mothers to complete milk production one year before the procedure for the breast. For people with additional diseases, information and help from the relevant branch are obtained before the operation and it is evaluated whether they are suitable for this operation. At Yoo Retouch, the opinion of specialist doctors is taken. Blood thinners such as aspirin should be discontinued three weeks before the procedure. Smoking should also be prohibited during this time. Pain relievers should be taken under the supervision and guidance of a doctor. Priority should be given to nutrition before surgery; Constipation-inducing foods should be avoided and vegetable-based portions should be consumed. While drinking herbal tea, slimming products such as green tea, cherry stalk, flaxseed should not be used.

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