Mood-boosting foods and foods for hydrated skin

You may not know it but there are indeed foods that can lift our spirits after consuming them. A healthy and balanced diet is the basis for a healthy and happy lifestyle. We have accumulated the food groups or nutrients you should be eating in order to promote happiness and a good mood and also food you should be eating to have a moisturized and glowing skin.

Even though the right food is extremely important it is only a part of the pyramid that promotes health and happiness. You need to remember to also do the things you enjoy. Exercise is also essential but on top of that, you should include in your daily life hobbies and activities that you enjoy personally. So whether you like jogging, playing video games, going to the theatre, having fun on Betting Sites or reading science fiction novels, it would be nice to find the time to enjoy all of this. Activities that are fun or relaxing reduce the stress levels and make us happy.

Foods rich in tryptophan

The most popular is chocolate and cocoa.

Chocolate contains over three hundred ingredients that affect mood.

It has the first place in the list of foods that stimulate the mood and that is why those who feel bad psychologically give in to chocolate more easily. Remember all these romantic comedies you watch where the main character starts eating chocolate when heartbroken? It is a cliché move but not irrational.

Chocolate also can stimulate endorphins in the brain that are responsible for a good mood.

Foods rich in carbohydrates

These are cereals, potatoes, pasta, rice, bread, and fruits.

These foods help increase the levels of serotonin in the body, the chemical that is directly linked to mood and causes the body to be calm, happy, and balanced.

Caffeinated beverages

Caffeine in small doses can boost our energy levels.

Excessive caffeine consumption, however, can cause headaches or insomnia that subsequently will only bring a bad mood. Remember moderation is everything.

Foods rich in monounsaturated fats

These are olive oil, olives, and avocados.

These foods are high in good fats and increase endorphins that promote well-being.

That is why the consumption of foods that contain healthy, mainly monounsaturated fats such as the above along with almonds and omega-3 fats that are found mainly in fatty fish, contributes greatly to a good mood, but also the improvement of cognitive ability.

Foods containing tyrosine

Low-fat dairy products, especially cheeses, fish, turkey, lean meats, and eggs, contain an amino acid called tyrosine, which is responsible for stimulating a good mood when we may be feeling a bit low.

Foods rich in selenium

Selenium is found in large doses in celery, whole grains, tomatoes, broccoli, sunflower seeds, and tuna. It is not needed in massive doses but it is essential to be included in our daily diet.

Foods containing folic acid

Green leafy vegetables mainly contain folic acid, which together with selenium are related to the changes in our mood.,

Their severe lack can cause us anxiety, bad mood, and mood swings.

That is why it is good to include the above foods in our diet if we want to be in a good mood and avoid excessive amounts of food, processed foods, and trans fats, red meat, a sedentary lifestyle, and obesity.

Foods for moisturized and glowing skin

Because we are what we eat, it is a fact that beauty starts from within us and from the foods we choose to consume.

So if you want hydrated skin that shines with health and vitality, include the following foods in your daily meals and you will soon see a spectacular difference.


All fruits and vegetables with high water content contribute a lot to the hydration of the skin.

Cucumber contains a lot of water.

It is filling, it is an excellent snack, while it also contains a small amount of silicon, which nourishes the skin and gives it softness, making it look even healthier.


Tomato is preferably consumed in the summer which is its season.

Tomatoes, thanks to the lycopene they contain, can enhance the effectiveness of your sunscreen since it is considered a means of natural sun protection.

Lycopene offers the skin extra protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun. However, you should not rely only on that for your sun protection.

Prefer it cooked, as the body absorbs lycopene better if the tomato is eaten cooked at a high temperature and when a source of good fats, such as olive oil, is added.


Avocado contains good fats and has many benefits for the skin.

The good fatty acids, which are plenty in avocado make the skin smooth and soft.

By consuming it often, you help your skin to replenish its natural oils in the best possible way.

You can combine it with tomato, cucumber, and grilled salmon which is also rich in omega-3 fatty acids. So your skin will benefit from the above.


Watermelon, like the cucumber mentioned above, is made up of water.

Take advantage of it during the summer months, as its regular consumption helps fight dry skin, which is intensified by the sun, sea salt, heat, and sweat.

The more hydrated your body is, the fresher and younger your skin will look with the fine lines becoming less visible even if they exist already.

Watermelon also contains lycopene, the same antioxidant and anti-aging ingredient found in tomatoes.

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