5 Strategies for More Productive Work Days

Productive work days image 44444‘Be more productive!’ Ever heard this in the workplace? Don’t feel bad. In fact, mostly all of us heard it, and most of us even think that it’s a slogan for like all the bosses. Does it mean that you’re not trying harder? Absolutely not. It just means that you are much more capable of than what you’re displaying today. So, what should you do that makes you highly productive? What is it that satisfies your boss? Let’s find out.

Being productive and reaching hour maximum potential could be really tough sometimes. There could be a lot of reasons for which you might not be at your best, but no boss likes a lousy worker even for a single day. Recently, some studies have proved that recently scientist has found that mindfulness helps with work productivity. So, follow these five strategies to be your best every day.

How to Improve Your Productivity?

  • Be Organized with your plans and projects

This is probably the most important point. Feeling stress in everyday life is quite common. You must also be familiar that the stress you task is directly ruining your ability to work. If you think about it, It’s just like a cookie or a cracker. You put to much pressure on a soft cookie and *crack* it’s broken. So, the best way to take a little bit of this stress off is by being Organized.

Make a list of all your upcoming activities and projects. Maintain a schedule which lets you take frequent short brakes. A break not more than 5-10 minutes for 3-4 times a day makes you way more productive.

If you are not a very good organizer, don’t worry at all. There are many apps which literally bug you to make plans and stick with them. Use them at first, and when they start bugging you too much, you will realize by then how easy the task is.

  • Boost your day with a small meditation

Do you know what’s best to make you productive? Yeah, that’s right you need to be cool. Like spiritually cool. Meditation is the best way to do this. Even if you don’t believe in that stuff, just think of it as a small period that you’re using to keep yourself out of the world. Nothing can stress you if it can’t reach you right.

There is no right or given way to do meditation. There are a lot of accepted methods, however. You can put on a small Playlist or ask your phone to play some meditation music or soothing music. I found piano music to be more productive, but it’s really up to you. There is no doubt that most of you might feel a little bit uncomfortable doing this for like the first couple of times. However, trust me, you’ll get used it. It really improves your mental health and some skills to like memorizing skill.

  • Choose Monotasking or Slow-motion Multitasking

Monotasking might not be a new word to you. You concentrate on a single work and finish it with perfection in time. Moreover, you probably might have heard that multitasking is wrong and creates much chaos in work.

Slow-motion multitasking is a bit different, though. First, you don’t rush into things that you do in multitasking. You just go from one useful activity to the other. It’s like watching TV in a break. But instead of TV, you are actually pursuing your other interests. Every person (most of us) has multiple interests. So, It’s not really necessary to take things quickly with the task and mess it up.

Slow-motion multitasking is a process in which you take up work with an intention to learn the things you desire to but nicely and comfortably. Moreover, since you work on these little projects on your own in the field that interests you, you will be feeling productive with your daily job and life as well.

  • Environment is the key to productivity

That’s right. The working environment is the key to productivity. If any of you are leading a team, make sure that your team is working in an environment free of distractions. Well, not all of us could have corner offices or separated cabins.

So, it is mostly up to the manager to make the environment distraction-free. Well, but wouldn’t it be great if there are a few things you can do by yourself. You find out in the list below. In fact, most of the digital nomads try this method to make sure their productivity is at peak while enjoying the pay-cation.

  • Don’t let social media cross the door

Always put your phone on silence and if possible, set the work mode on your phone.

Some companies don’t allow this, but if possible put on a Playlist with some relaxing and motivational songs to boost your productivity.

  • Express your thoughts and let go of your feelings

You don’t need to go to a shrink to let your feelings out. Yes, hers our starter pack to get rid of your harmful emotions.

  1. A notebook
  2. A pen

Now, you’re all ready. You just need to take the pen and start writing. Well, you might not be very good at writing. We would like to remind you that no one is going to see them. So let your emotions through the pen. Write what you’re feeling.

Are you scolded by the big Al? Disrespectful client? No problem. Your starter pack will definitely help you here. Writing all your emotions down doesn’t only make you feel better at the moment. It makes you think. Why is your boss mad at you? Why is a sweet customer very disrespectful? If it’s your problem, you can start working on it right away. If it’s not, we’ll you know who the bad guy is so, works both ways.