More than 50 million Americans are expected to watch Super Bowl 2023

One of the major events of 2023, Super Bowl LVII, will take place on Monday, Feb. 13, when the Eagles and Chiefs will face off. The American Gaming Association has already cited a prediction report that says 50 million Americans are willing to bet real money on one of the proposed outcomes.

The amount all fans will bet on a given match could exceed $16 billion, up significantly from last year (61%).

AGA executive director Bill Miller said that every year the Super Bowl shows the importance of legal sports betting in the country. All the major media outlets discuss the odds on an event, and interested fans choose where to put their money.

Also, according to the organization’s report, about 30 million Americans bet on various sporting events each year. But during the period of such major matches, the number of wishing increases significantly.

By the way, the moment of the Super Bowl coincided with the period when for legalization in the states of Massachusetts, Maryland and Ohio are fighting for the legalization of several large bookmakers wishing to work there legally. Today, betting is officially legal in 33 states (that’s 3 more than at the beginning of 2022).

According to experts, the $16 billion that can be bet by betting customers during the season’s main game is a huge number for the industry. By comparison, about the same amount for all of 2022 was bet in New York City alone after betting was legalized.

Interestingly, that amount includes betting at illegal betting shops. If we take only officially operating bookmakers, the figure is much lower. For example, in 2022 it was only $950 million. Despite the fact that the United States has fairly strict regulation of sports betting and gambling, many Americans manage to gain access to illegal bookmakers and casinos. As seen on, many players are attracted by bonuses that promise gambling operators for registration.

We just have to wait for the match, read the results and then find out the real statistics, which can be just as interesting as what is happening on the field. Let us also remind you that any betting with real money involves the risk of losing, so before making a deposit and playing you should carefully analyze your possibilities and not rely on a guaranteed winnings. Only in this case, the game will bring proper pleasure, and winnings, if you are lucky, can be a pleasant surprise.

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