Top 5 Most Expensive iPhone Apps 

The iPhone app store is packed with apps, nearly 2 million of them and, while there are plenty of freebies to be had, some do require payment. Most people are happy to spend a couple of bucks on an app if it is something they really want but would you spend hundreds of dollars on one app? Over the years, the Apple app store has been home to many high-priced apps and, while many have come and go, there are still some very expensive apps to be had. Cast your eye over five of the most expensive apps in the iOS app store right now.

  1. VIP Black – $999.99
iPhone apps VIP Black image 3333

A premium app, VIP Black is aimed at the millionaires or even billionaires among you. It is a location-based app that provides details of luxury and high-end services and events around you. In much the same way as most of us would use Foursquare, Yelp, or other location-based apps to find out what’s going on, VIP Black also makes use of location to find the top quality cinemas, bars, clubs, restaurants, museums, art and literature events, cars, even butlers, and other experiences near to you.

Because the app has partnered with the participating venues, members will always get VIP treatment at any event or experience they attend via the app, and that often includes gifts, free upgrades, welcome packages, priority access and much more. There are also concierge teams on hand to whatever they can do, from booking you a private jet, right down to getting your dry cleaning done.

According to the app, partners and privileges are regularly updated but, after some investigation, it would appear that the last update was in May 2017 so, in spite of the fact that it is still on the app store, we can’t say whether it is still current or has been abandoned.

  1. CyberTuner – $999.99
Cyber Tuner iPhone Apps image 4444

CyberTuner is perhaps the most advanced – and expensive – professional piano tuning app in the world, costing more than a half-decent electronic keyboard would cost you. It took years to develop the app, including an entire year of thorough testing from global music experts.

The app is designed for the professional piano tuners who know the basics of their craft and already have their own equipment. It combines a series of functions that a registered piano technician programmed together with an intuitive and friendly layout. Piano technicians are free to use the app exactly how they want to tune pianos with precision accuracy.

The app is updated for each iOS release and also to support the latest iOS devices. New features are added every now and again but, on top of the app price users also need to fork out an extra $79.99 every year for CyberCare.

  1. App.Cash – $999.99

Another specialized app, app.Cash claims to be a cashier system to suit all purposes. It has been designed as a way of replacing traditional shop cash registers and claims to be able to create sales transactions and take payments, even working offline.

Usable by just about any business that needs to collect payments and customer data, app.Cash does look as though it has been tailored to restaurants, enabling servers to use a mobile device to take orders and payments at the table. There are menu buttons categorized by beverage and food types, allowing servers to input the orders straight into the app. Users can also see graphical representations of the tables to keep track of orders and table numbers.

Two printer models are supported by the app and, if you want the app updated, you need to contact the developer. It may be one of the most expensive apps, but it does claim to be cheaper than standard cash register systems, and that could make it ideal for some businesses.

  1. DDS GP YES! – $699.99

A professional app for dentists, DDS GP YES! is an iPad app packed with features. Its primary use is to help dental patients get a better understanding visually of some dental conditions and their treatments.

There are 200 unique demonstrations included along with 37 audio tracks aimed at dentists, helping them to learn how to use the presentation app properly when they are with patients. Really, it is just an advanced way of helping dentists bridge the gap between them and their patients in terms of information, ensuring smooth communication and perhaps helping the dentist to persuade patients of a course of treatment for their dental health.

Audio plays during a presentation, accompanying visual effects; other features include sliders, treatment planning, drawing, and so on. However, there hasn’t been an update since September 2016, so it may not work on the latest devices.

  1. TC With WordPower – $299.99

TC With WordPower is an assisted tech app developed to support speech. It is a powerful app, a communication and assisted technology tool aimed at helping people who can’t always get their words out using their own natural voice. That includes those with autism, ALS, down syndrome, and other similar conditions. There are a number of vocabularies built into the app, making communication intuitive and easier.

TC With WordPower is available in the English and Spanish languages, and there are two ways of playing phrases, words, and entire messages – using the built-in voice synthesizer or via a pre-recorded message. The mobile device can be tilted a little to enable the message or word to be displayed in large letters on the screen, making communication in loud and busy environments easier.

Perhaps one of the best features is that the app can be fully customized to the individual. Buttons can be rearranged and copied, and new page sets can be created with up to 30 button actions and more than 10,000 symbols. And TC With WordPower also offers full integration with social media apps such as Google+, Twitter, Facebook, and iMessage, making it easier for users to share their own text-based messages.

Well, there you have it, five of the most expensive apps in the iOS app store. We can’t guarantee they are all still active, but there’s only one way to find out – if you are prepared to pay that much money for an app.