The Most Popular Free Page Builders for WordPress

Page builders are excellent tools that provide a professional approach to website development. It enables you to implement complicated designs with the absence of shortcodes conveniently. It offers complete ease of use, especially if you are using WordPress as your site platform.

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Page builders are the new stylish innovation for creating dynamic websites instantly and effortlessly. Page builders come as plugins that add new materials on your interface and customize designs from default settings to premade-templates. Most page builders offer a drag and drop interface and a wide array of elements you can add to your website.

Since WordPress is the most popular platform in crafting unique websites, finding a compatible page builder is easier. There’s no one-size-fits-all, but surely there are few names that will ring a bell, only a few are reliable, trusted, and free.

3 Best Free Page Builder For WordPress

When it comes to a free page builder interface, these three are the most popular and enable you to create stunning websites even if you are a beginner. You don’t need to get familiar with codes as they offer the conveniently easy-to-use drag & drop interface and have a massive number of elements, widgets, and pre-made templates.

  • Elementor

Elementor is a popular free version page builders WordPress plugin. It has positive ratings, a massive number of active installations, and features-rich content that offers a drag-and-drop user-friendly interface. It’s the most potent freemium site builder plugin suitable for WordPress.

It has a massive selection and variety of premade templates and widgets on its free version and more on it’s paid version, the Elementor Pro. With positive Elementor reviews, it’s certainly a competitive page builder you must check. With the front-end editing interface, you can create a stunning website easily and instantly.

Elementor uses columns and rows for a structure that helps you create custom page layouts. You can then drag-and-drop any elements you prefer into the page layout before customizing the appearance and content.

With simple clicks, you can have access to multiple elements into its sidebar. It provides complete control of how you want your page to look like. Directly edit and add text to your page. Elementor is a highly-efficient page builder for beginners and experts, no wonder there are 3 million active users from this page builder alone.

  • Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder has a free version, but the features may be lacking compared to the paid ones. However, the intuitive front-end user-friendly interface can still be accessed with the free version.

Beaver Builder offers a conveniently easy-to-use interface by dragging a desired layout row or module into your working area. It uses rows and columns like most WordPress plugins. It also offers the drag-and-drop feature for streamline customization of your desired page layout design.

With an automatic control panel displayed on your dashboard, it speeds up work while saving space. Beaver Builder also offers a front-end user interface. One of the Beaver Builder, free version setbacks, is limited to widgets and modules, unlike Elementor and Page Builder by SiteOrigin.

Nonetheless, for a free WordPress page builder, it’s already a great deal for beginners and advanced developers who want to explore the boundaries this plugin offers.

  • Page Builder by SiteOrigin

Page Builder by SiteOrigin has a massive 22 million downloads. No wonder it’s also one of the most popular page builders for WordPress. This well-established plugin page builder offers pre-built templates for pages. It enables you to edit from there and add new widgets or rows to your desired page layout.

Like any WordPress plugin site builders, it uses columns and rows for customization. Once you have figured out your desired layout, you can start adding elements and populate your content. You can add a variety of factors to the page layout—CTA, buttons, Google Maps, pricing table, and image sliders among the few widgets available.

If you feel like working with any third-party add-ons, this page builder is entirely compatible and has free options. Adding widgets to your layout, thanks to the drag-and-drop interface. It allows you to adjust and custom-fit everything to your desired settings.

The live editor mode lets you edit and see how the designed layout looks while on the customization process. Though there are a few limitations with editing as you will need to work through a pop-up window.

Benefits of Using A Page Builder

Page builders are getting popular simply because of the convenience that they offer. Free versions allow you to explore and create professional-grade websites. Aside from that, here’s what you can enjoy when using one;

  • It enables you to develop websites faster with the use of ready-made templates.
  • Page builders allow complete page customization based on your desired style or website niche.
  • They come with pre-built widgets and modules for quick page design and layout.
  • No need to get familiar with codes as most page builders offer front-end drag-and-drop interfaces.
  • It saves you time and effort with a simplified approach that delivers stunning results when building a website from scratch.


Page builders are considered the innovative version of the visual editor. With a simplified approach to complex page building, more and more people enjoy the convenience that these plugin tools have to offer. Building websites has been fun, free, easy, and fast.

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