Most Popular Styles of Arts & Crafts For Career-Minded Hobbyists

Creating a business from arts and crafts has always been exciting. Many creative and career-minded people have achieved success with their talent. Arts and crafts have always been popular, especially in this day and age where unique and handmade products are all the more valuable.

If you’re thinking of starting a business out of your hobby, you’ll need to brainstorm some names for your craft business to stand out. Think names that are either catch, cute or cool. Next, you’ll need to know what area to specialize in. Below are the most popular types of arts and crafts that you can turn into a lucrative business.


Textile is one of the most versatile businesses that anyone can do. There are simply so many things you can do with textile. Textile screen printing, for example, can be used to increase the marketability and attractiveness of completed textile products.

If you love knitting garments, you can make various products that are unique and stand out from the rest. Many people who have started a business of crochet and knitting didn’t expect their businesses to grow so much. Most of them always start by simply doing what they love. If you don’t have much experience with knitting, the internet has a lot of resources for you to learn.

Another popular part of the textile business is sewing. If you’ve been sewing for a long time, I am sure there are many things you may want to sew. From a handbag to trousers, the only limitation is your skills.


When it comes to decorative business, there are a few things you need to take into consideration first. It is crucial for you to always try to adapt to new trends, and since there is no formal educational requirement here, you can only rely on yourself to keep growing and improving.

Always do your homework and learn a lot before you turn this hobby into a business. You can do so by visiting high-end spaces in your area. Reading relevant magazines can help a lot, too. Obviously, the internet can provide valuable resources for you.

After that, it’s all about building your portfolio. If you want to, you can volunteer your decorating talent to friends and family who need some decorating done. Then when you’re finally ready to start your business, create a business plan and set an appropriate rate.


If you want to get involved in crafts that are functional and useful, try pottery. Pots, sculptures, dishes, and many other items that are made from clay are all valuable. Some people would go crazy for some ceramics. Ceramics are often mixed with glass for better design and practicality.

Another related craft that you might want to try is stained glass. It is the most common glasswork that you can combine with ceramic. The multitude of colors combined with the beauty of the ceramic piece can create a product that will sell like hot cakes.


Fashion is always popular no matter when and where. T-shirts are the most common product when it comes to fashion. You can combine a t-shirt with various pieces of clothing and so many styles you can go for. Keep in mind, however, that you will have a lot of competitors if you want to create a business of creating and selling T-shirts.

That said, the fashion business is flexible. You can design handbags, jewelry, pants, shoes, etc. If you want to challenge yourself, you can try designing a complete outfit design that can make go with your other products.


Papercraft business is about two things: creativity and paper. If you really enjoy making crafts with paper, then this business idea is perfect for you. But is it really that simple? Can you really build a business with only creativity and paper? The answer is yes.

There are some great ideas that you can do to start your papercraft business. The most popular idea is card making. The card-making industry is huge (about $7.5 billion in annual retail sales). Greeting cards are always popular, especially during the holidays. You can also make electronic greeting cards and make them as unique as possible.

Other great ideas you can do paper mache, paper quill, printable arts, and scrapbooking. All these ideas are always simple. It’s up to you how complicated you want them to be.


So here are the five types of arts and crafts that you can turn into a business. Remember that when it comes to arts and crafts, the only limitation is your skills.

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