Most useful insights you can learn from Telegram analytics

Telegram for businesses is the instant messaging API that has been gaining the most ground lately. Businesses have a free and effective tool to segment, manage groups, share large files in the cloud, and communicate with customers.

The popularization of smartphones brought with it the appearance of various instant messaging apps. In a short time, we learned about Line, Telegram, and WhatsApp, among others. In our environment, it was the latter that took the lead.

Now that companies are aware of the importance of good communication with the customer, Telegram is revealed as an excellent marketing tool. In this article we want to show you how you can use Telegram in your business to improve communication with clients and followers.

What is Telegram for business?

Telegram for business is an instant messaging application developed with open source. In general terms it is similar to WhatsApp, but it includes very interesting additional functionalities.

Many companies use WhatsApp for Business because in our country it is the most popular instant messaging application. We must not forget that Telegram is very successful in many countries and continues to add downloads in our country as well.

The most important thing is that Telegram for companies has tools specially designed to improve communication with customers.

Telegram for Business vs. WhatsApp Business

Both platforms have many points in common, but there are also important differences:

Cloud computing

Telegram is cloud-based and constantly synchronized. This means you can access messages from different devices at the same time. Plus, you don’t need to store the data on your device because it will be safe in the cloud.

Large data capacity

Another important aspect for companies is that it allows you to share an unlimited number of photos, videos, and files in multiple formats without worrying about the weight of the files. Files that can weigh up to 1.5 GB each.

Data encryption

Telegram’s data center infrastructure and encryption make communications fast, secure, and confidential. End-to-end encryption protects messages. Privacy, highly questioned on WhatsApp, is one of the highlights of Telegram. You don’t even have to share your phone number. You can create an alias to identify yourself.

Open Source

Telegram is an open-source API that allows developers to create their own Telegram applications. This is something similar to what happens with WordPress.

Artificial intelligence

The integration of bots and artificial intelligence tools is a huge advantage if we want to use Telegram, for example, as a contact center application. The platform allows you to create specialized tools for Telegram, integrate other services, and even accept payments.

Group management

This is another of Telegram’s strong points as a marketing tool. Its group management is excellent, with great dissemination, segmentation, and automatic response tools. Telegram allows you to have up to 200,000 members per group. The ability to use replies, mentions, and hashtags helps maintain order and efficiency in communications with large groups. Another cool feature is public groups that anyone can join. This makes it a social network in itself from which you can get valuable feedback.

In addition, Telegram is free and free of advertising. It seems that Telegram has several advantages as a marketing channel but how do you analyze it and make sure it suits your needs?

Your Telegram channel is important to your audience and you should manage it well so that it can benefit them. This requires an analysis of the performance of the channel or group. Telegram provides several analytical tools necessary to understand to what extent the performance of your channel/group helps you get closer to your goals. Following are the valuable points you can gain from Telegram channel statistics.

Audience demographics

You deal with humans so you have to understand them. Understanding them without understanding their demographics is impossible. Audience demographics can be divided into the following points:

– Their total number: It shows the total number of your audience and as they increase, so does the influence of your channel. Vice versa.

– Net customers: This means calculating the number of customers that increase and decrease in a certain period.

– Similarities between them: For example, most of them are men under 30 years of age. This way you can manage your content so that it always suits the specific characteristics of your audience. The more targeted your content is, the greater your chances of success with your Telegram channel.


It refers to several points such as:

– Views: It shows the number of views of your content, so it can be used as a basis for analysis to determine which content suits your audience. The more content is watched, the more suitable the content is for your audience.

– Retention: It reveals how long your audience engages with your content. Just like above, it can be used as a basis for analyzing whether a piece of content matches your audience’s interests.

– Interaction: Interaction means the number of likes, comments, and content shared. The more content is liked, commented on, and shared, the more quality the content is in the eyes of your audience.

Detailed content analysis

This means detailed insight into the content, for example referring to parameters such as appearance, content source, and so on.

Content engagement time

It refers to the times when your audience provides feedback on your content. By knowing the times when they are most active, you can try to post your content at the most appropriate times in the hope that they will get the most views. The more time they spend interacting with your content, the more interesting your content will be.

Types of members

The members in your channel can be divided into two types:

– Active members: Those who are actively involved with your content.

– Silent members: Those who regularly receive your content but rarely engage with it.

These two types of members can be analyzed further by knowing the last time they interacted with your content. If the last time does not exceed one hour, it means they are quite active (in their engagement with your content).

Growth rate

Growth rate means the growth of the number of audiences in a certain time period. For example daily, monthly, yearly, and so on. By analyzing it you can predict what your channel will look like in the future.


Conversion means a follow-up action from your audience after they watch your content. An example is purchasing and registering for routine bulletins. The more follow-up actions mean the more quality or necessary your content is in their eyes. Conversions are very important, especially if your Telegram channel was created to sell your products.

Data is out

It refers to the number of those who leave your channel. Further analysis can investigate which content is the reason they leave your channel. Knowing this information can prevent you from continuously producing “harmful problematic content.”


By analyzing your Telegram channel/group in-depth, you will find important points naturally. These points are a picture of the overall quality of your content and you can use it as a basis for making improvements or planning better content in the future.