Motion Graphics In The Video – New Trends In 2019

Motion graphics image 2232Motion graphics have become an integral part of any video product that is now available on TV or on the Internet. From a small inscription with the name and surname on the screen to a full-fledged movie, which consists entirely of graphics. With this tool, you can solve both simple tasks and explain very difficult and cumbersome questions to the viewer.

Motion graphics in the video are used in such extensive areas:

  1. Sales video. When you need to sell something, then this video will become your sales manager. Video around the clock will be placed on your site and customers will have a convenient way to get acquainted with your product.
  2. Promo video: animated videos with convenient and simple infographics to show the numbers and facts.
  3. Training or educational videos. Motion graphics are the best suited to show complex things with simple characters. Dynamics helps to keep attention, as well as to emphasize particularly important things.
  4. Instructional videos. If you have a complex product or service, then this video is best to cope with this task. It is especially good if the video is created in a game form.
  5. Pre-videos. Used on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, etc.
  6. TV channels. Advertising screensavers, subtitles, interceptions and more.
  7. Movies: teasers, trailers, titles and more

With the development of the Internet, motion design will find new applications for itself. Such popularity is justified by the fact that graphic videos perfectly hold the attention of the public.


  • Feed. You can show complex things in a simple way.
  • Due to the dynamics, the viewer’s attention is kept.
  • With a voice-over, such a video will be able to guarantee the attention of any audience.
  • Availability. This video work will be cheaper than video footage.
  • Lack of boundaries. There are no restrictions here, everything that you come up with can be easily implemented.

New trends in motion graphics 2019

  • The widespread use of 3D graphics. From commercials to product shots, marketing campaigns, and game design, using 3D capabilities opens new doors to display pictures and scenes, and such results would be almost impossible to achieve in a different way.
  • More visual effects – from commercials to product shots, marketing campaigns and game design, using 3D capabilities opens new doors to display pictures and scenes, and such results would be almost impossible to achieve in a different way.
  • Virtual reality technologies are gaining momentum: virtual reality has steadily increased from an ambitious game-oriented fantasy back in 2012 to a real environment used by multinational corporations and organizations from around the world.
  • A combination of 2D and 3D graphics in one video: the trend of 2019, which is increasingly used in advertising and marketing.
  • Google-set fashion for an animated logo covers the world – you must admit that such a logo immediately attracts attention!
  • Interaction and after effects – it is difficult to surprise a tempted user, but with the help of interaction, it is quite real!

Motion graphics is a great tool to lure visitors and get them to stay on your site. At the same time, the application of this tool can be very different, giving the customer the opportunity to create an original interactive and relevant environment for his website or product.

Author’s bio: Gemma Coleman, motion video designer in Darvideo company. Working under the most complex projects in motion graphics, Gemma also creates educational articles for the fresh-steppers in motion video design.