Motorcycle Accidents: The Top 5 FAQs

Motorcycle accidents are a major hazard on American highways. A recent study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) found that per vehicle mile traveled, motorcyclists, are about 26 times more likely to die in a crash than passenger car occupants. If you or someone you know has been injured in a motorcycle accident, here are the five most frequently asked questions about these crashes.

How do most motorcycle accidents occur?

Motorcycle accidents can occur for various reasons, but some common causes account for most incidents. One of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents is driver error — this is why it’s so important to learn how to ride a motorcycle properly. It can include anything from distracted driving to speeding or careless driving. Other common causes of motorcycle accidents include poor road conditions, potholes or debris, and mechanical problems with the motorcycle itself.

Occasionally, accidents are also caused by weather conditions, such as rain or ice. Regardless of the cause, motorcycle accidents often result in serious injuries or even fatalities. Because of this, all drivers need to exercise caution whenever they share the road with motorcycles.

What is the most common motorcycle accident?

Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents are too common and often result in serious injury or death. While there are many motorcycle accidents, the most common type is a single-vehicle accident. It occurs when the motorcycle collides with another object, such as a car or a tree. Single-vehicle accidents are typically caused by speeding, drunk driving, or losing motorcycle control. In many cases, these accidents could have been easily avoided if the rider had been more cautious. Sadly, riders often fail to realize their danger until it is too late.

By understanding the most common type of motorcycle accident, riders can be more vigilant and hopefully avoid becoming another statistic. If you still face an accident, you should immediately contact a lawyer like Kiley Law Group.

Who is at fault in most motorcycle accidents?

Most motorcycle accidents result from driver error, specifically, drivers’ failure to see motorcyclists on the road. It is particularly true at intersections, where drivers making left turns often cause accidents.

Motorcyclists are much smaller than other vehicles on the road and can be easily hidden in a driver’s blind spot. As a result, drivers need to take special care to look for motorcyclists before turning or changing lanes.

Unfortunately, many drivers fail to do so, leading to devastating accidents. In most cases, the driver is at fault for not seeing the motorcyclist. Thus, most motorcycle accidents can be avoided if drivers take more care to look out for motorcycles on the road.

Is a slower motorcycle safer?

As any motorcycle enthusiast knows, speeding down the open road comes with a thrill. However, this sense of freedom comes with a significant risk of injury or death. Motorcycle accidents are one of the leading causes of death among young adults.

One way to help reduce the risks associated with motorcycle riding is to choose a slower bike. A bike with a lower top speed is less likely to be involved in a high-speed collision and is easier to control at lower speeds.

Additionally, a slower bike is less likely to cause serious injuries in the event of an accident. While it may not be as exhilarating as a high-speed race machine, a slower motorcycle can help to keep riders safe on the open road.

How can we prevent motorcycle accidents?

Motorcycle accidents can have devastating consequences. In addition to the risk of injury or death, motorcycle accidents can also result in significant property damage. Fortunately, there are many steps that riders can take to help prevent accidents.

First and foremost, wearing a helmet and protective clothing is important and will help reduce the severity of injuries in an accident. Additionally, riders should avoid riding in bad weather conditions and be aware of their surroundings. By following these simple safety precautions, riders can help to prevent motorcycle accidents.

Knowing your legal rights and what to do next in a motorcycle accident is important. These five FAQs should help to answer some of the most common questions people have after a crash. Have more questions? Contact an experienced personal injury lawyer for advice specific to your situation.

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